DJ Rocky's Radio Ruckus

RADIO RUCKUS!!! all vinyl! Tribal love groove summer dance party!!!

Saturday, August 11

It was mid summer in San Francisco,,, There were technics and a bitchin zone 64 mixer with awsome filter effects at the station. DJ Rocky hadn’t threw down some vinyl slabs in a while, the weather was good, the vibe was right, it was time!

I got the chance to dust off some of my special records i have been collecting over the years, all 12″ vinyl singles, all very tribal-y and hot with percussion intersperced with some vocal gems, then a few dips deeper in the ruckus abyss but always brought back up! well, because up is good, up is not down!

Old school mixing with 2 turntables and a mixer all vinyl, no laptop!

Didnt have time to log all the track names but if anyone is curious drop me a line ill fill u in. peace!



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