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Radio Ruckus!!! High in Phat low in moral fiber!!!

Sunday, August 19

This weeks show was a mish mash of RR favorites past, present and future. It was also VJ Pussycats birthday so we had to drop a least one birthday song dedicated to her. we had a few glitches in the matrix as in my little friend clipper was in the studio up to his mischeviousness as per… but we carry’d on regardless with a stiff upper lip and monitor speakers cranked to the max!!!

6:08pm: dead vibrations by reflections
6:11pm: secret enchanted broccoli forest by the babe rainbow
6:14pm: never stops by Deerhunter
6:15pm: Roxanne by the police
6:20pm: king tuff by neverending sunshine
6:25pm: everyone acts crazy nowadays by Unknown Mortal Orchestra
6:27pm: trouble by lyndsey buckingham
6:30pm: breath in breath out by melodys echo chamber
6:33pm: so good at being in trouble by unknown mortal orchestra
6:36pm: trouble by girl ray
6:40pm: mean dream by La luz
6:43pm: caught in a lie by chastity belt
6:47pm: happy birthday to VJP!!!!!! by stevie wonder
6:54pm: I love you by spacemen 3
6:59pm: palying dead by night beats
7:06pm: desert island by mystic braves
7:09pm: misery loves company by mystic braves
7:13pm: the beat goes on by Cathy and buddy rich
7:15pm: the beat goes on by the all seeing eye
7:20pm: remember me by blue boy
7:32pm: DJ Rocky by DJ Rocky
7:42pm: The ghost who walks by karen elson
7:45pm: not for me by forth wanderers
7:48pm: if i were a carpenter by bobby darin
7:52pm: for the sake of the song by Townes van zandt



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