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Dj Rocky’s RADIO RUCKUS!!! back once again the renegade master

Saturday, September 15

Here we go again, (drum roll) another Wednesday, another truly wonderful episode of RADIO RUCKUS!!! (cymbal crash), no children or small animals were injured during this show but a major slaughtering of brain cells did take place. its a self inflicted victim less crime so its all good in Rocky’s book! This week we had the usual smattering of great garage rock, intersperced with audio greatness and then a dip in the surf rock ocean for an ear swim of sonic delights. Take a dip, or plunge, depending on how addictive your personality is, its up to you, but we think your gonna like the way it sounds! excuse the sound drop outs we have a whole team of technicians working around the clock to rectify this. 🙂

hits included…

6:00 pm with Davey by LA LUZ
6:05pm: speak to the wind by spindthrift
6:09pm: two lovers by no crafts
6:10pm: catamaran by the allah lahs
6:14pm: bassackwards by kurt vile
6:26pm: Alan\’s psychedelic breakfast by Pink floyd
6:38pm: moonage daydream by david bowie
6:43pm: led zeppelin by Tame impala
6:46pm: over and over by jack white
6:51pm: Close to the edge by yes
7:07pm: krill slippin by the mermen
7:13pm: sacred sands by the allah lahs
7:14pm: the whales are coming and boy are they pissed by the mermen
7:25pm: this mystic decade by hot snakes
7:28pm: brains in my feet by purple canteen
7:33pm: lower the heavans by the donkeys
7:38pm: primitive by the groupies
7:45pm: reflections by dead vibrations
7:54pm: Overthrown by Oh sees



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