Radio Coyote

Helado Negro

Tuesday, May 31

This week’s Radio Coyote features music by Helado Negro.

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In honor of the looming apocalypse I opened the show with “Adios Maldito Mundo” a cover of Pink Floyd’s “Goodbye Cruel World” by today’s featured artist, Helado Negro.

I followed that with another Helado Negro song, “Regresa“, from his new album Canta Lechuza — which is a great example of the rich juxtaposition of the old and new: blips, bleeps, distortion and echoes set against traditional sounding Latin vocals and acoustic instruments all filtered through subdued lo-fi electrostatic.  His label, Asthmatic Kitty, calls it Latin psyche-funk-folk; but truly, you have to hear it to understand.  Check out the video for “Regresa” below.

and you can download CantaLuchuza via his Bandcamp.

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Radio Coyote with Sweet Jesus is broadcast live from the Mission District in San Francisco and can be heard on every Friday between 2:00-4:00 (pst)
Please support these artists! Most of the music featured on the show can be downloaded for free through netlabels like Delhotel Records, or great music blogs such as Remezcla Musica and Club Fonograma.

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