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Radio Coyote: The Genie Live In-Studio Set

Monday, October 12

The Genie Radio Coyote

This week San Francisco-based avant garde-guitarist and live-looping innovator, The Genie, stops by the RV studios to talk about his upcoming albums and treat us to a live set!

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We also played music from Puerto Rican electronic rumba combo, Ife, brand new single from La Mecanica Popular and Guatemalen rapera who was just in town, Rebeca Lane.

Your Weekly Fayuca
The Genie – ArKIT3XturE ft. Orko Eloheim
A Selection of untitled instrumentals from Crystal Mirror
Live In-Studio Set
A Selection of songs from Time Being
The Genie – Break (featuring Nim1)
The Genie – Higher Things (featuring Pitch Black, Nim1, and Equipto)
The Genie – Invisible Man (featuring Deuce Eclipse)
The Genie – Should I Go (featuring Gift of Gab, Hazel Rose, Unity)
Live In-Studio Set
The Genie – Stand Up We Must (featuring Sunru)
beGun – Madrid
Rebeca Lane – Estilo Natural
Hector Guerra – Gracias Por Existir (featuring Panteon Rococo)
Bomba Estereo – Soy Yo
La Mecanica Popular – Noche Triler
IFE – 3 Mujeres
Brownout – Raza (featuring Mellow Man Ace, El Dusty, NI√ĎA DIOZ, Kool A.D., and Mexstep of Third Root)

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