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Radio Coyote: De’Anza interview

Friday, March 11


This week De’Anza called in to the Radio Valencia studios to talk about her upcoming Bay Area shows.

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We also discuss how her background in New Mexico and Chihuahua have influenced her sounds, her experience moving to Los Angeles and how it motivated her to pursue music, and more.

Check out her new video for “Si Senor” ( you can stream her new EP on Soundcloud (@deanzamusic)

Also, in this episode we feature other artists touring the bay soon like Gepe, Xenia Rubinos, and Irene Diaz. We also feature some of that new new from Kali Uchis, Maria Jose Montijo, and History of Colour (a collaboration project between El Buho and Barrio Lindo)

Your Weekly Fayuca:
Lluvia, diente, lluvia by Gepe
Cinder by History of Colour
Jamaica by Ela Minus
Manana by Natisu
*69 by Astronautica
Junes by Helado Negro
Move Along by Salt Cathedral
Lo Mas Dulce by Gaby Hernandez
Yo Se Que (Nicola Cordone remix) by Juana Molina
Narciso by Chini and The Technicians
Live Lowrider Session by Xenia Rubinos
I Can’t Feel My Face (Live@SiriusXM) by Empress Of
You by Irene Diaz
Sabor a Mi by Kali Uchis
Dejame Vivir by Monsieur Perine
Glacier by Maria Jose Montijo
Comunmixta by Sol Pereyra
Despertar by DeAnza
Si Senor by DeAnza
Vueltas by DeAnza
De Aqui, De Alla by DeAnza
En Juarez by Diana Gameros
River in Drought by Y La Bamba
Catedral (Acoustic Version) by Francisca Valenzuela
Por La Ventana (Gepe cover) by Torreblanca ft. Turra Medina & Sonidolando
Ciervos (Astro cover) by Ximena Sarinana
Naked Eye (Luscious Jackson cover) by Loocila
Bamula by El Humo Del Placer
No Hay by Pelada

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