Radio Coyote

Radio Coyote: DLMJ Live Set

Friday, April 15


This week DLMJ stops by the Radio Valencia studios and drops a live set for us.

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You can catch him every 3rd Tuesday at Era Art Bar in Oakland as part of Global Barrio.

Your Weekly Fayuca:
Viene de mi (Lascivio Bohemia remix) by La Yegros
Must be the devil (it can\’t be capitalism) by DLMJ
Dubton Tequila (DLMJ remix) by Lascivio Bohemia
Mal Digo (Violeta Parra edit) by DLMJ
Inercia (Masabo) by Lascivio Bohemia
Dona Antonia by Santi & Tugce
Melo Komo Vocal Version by Isa GT
Pasion (Borchi remix) by Mr. Paur
Woranait by Frikstailers
Chicha Roja Resabo by La Yegros
Problema Seu (Daniel Haaksman Remix) by Felipe Cordeiro
Son A La Sirena by DLMJ
Merua by Juan G & DJ Alarm remix
Plena y Bomba (DJ Alarm & Juan G remix) by Susana Baca
Narcos Soundtrack (Club edit) by DLMJ
UIU (Nicola Cruz) by Evha
Que Sorte (Senor Chancho edit) by Lia Sophia
Serenata by Fernan Dust
Mujer de Amparo by DLMJ
El Pajaro (DLMJ remix) by Lhasa de Sela
Real Blues (Ala edit) by St. Germain
Eventually by Branko

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