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Rampage Radio’s Verne Innhel! 3/30/2014 debut on Radio Valencia podcast now UP!

Sunday, March 30

Verne inHel with Ron Q & Sketch

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Radio Valencia.FM is NOW UP!

RAMPAGE Radio Every Sunday starting @ 2AM

with Special Hell Dj …Verne Innhel!

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Song History – Rampage  3/30/2014 show

…with Special Hell Dj Verne Innhel!
6:05am: My Erection Is Over by The Mentors
5:51am: Cimmerian Codex by Solstice
5:44am: Man On the Silver Mountain by Concept Of God
5:39am: Am I Evil by Diamond Head
5:32am: We’ll Never Die by Lust
5:24am: Killer by Mythra
5:21am: Wall Of Sound by Killer
5:18am: Innocent Exile by Iron Maiden
5:00am: Shoot To Kill by Traitors Gate
4:54am: Time Of the Dark by Brocas Helm
4:50am: Witchs Dance by Black Ghost
4:47am: Cry Free by Deep Purple
4:44am: Prisoners In the Box by Steel Crown
4:39am: Violence and Force by Exciter
4:35am: Live It Up by Tresspass
4:32am: Russian Roulette by Detente
4:27am: Night Riding Women by Excalibur
4:24am: Vikings by Silver Mountain
4:18am: Vlei Vdova by Kryptor
4:15am: Fight It Back by Accept
4:12am: Rise Up and Fight by Dementia
4:02am: Dead Men Tell No Tales by Motorhead
3:58am: Digital Resistance by The Lord Weird Slough Feg
3:55am: Analogue Avengers by The Lord Weird Slough Feg
3:50am: Mordred by Mordred
3:48am: Metal Attack by Metalucifer
 3:44am: Into the Universe by Artillery
3:40am: Storm and Thunder by Trance
3:36am: Persecution by Stone Vengeance
3:30am: Wisdom Of the Flesh by Black Oath
3:19am: Curse Of Anubis by Rage Of Samedi
3:13am: Getting F***ed by Rage Of Samedi
3:09am: Extermination Day by Angel Witch
2:57am: Helter Skelter by Hamada Mari
2:53am: Sortilege by Sortilege
2:49am: Return of the Gods by Geddes Axe
2:48am: Drakens Oga by Nattsvart
2:42am: Larga Vida al Rock ‘n’ Roll by Baron Rojo
2:31am: War Pigs by The Elves
2:30am: Let Us Prey by Judas Priest
2:19am: Stone Dead Forever by Motorhead

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   Originally conceived by KUSF DJs Ron Quintana, Ian Kallen & Howie Klein, RAMPAGE RADIO has been assaulting the airwaves with metal and other noise on a weekly basis ever since its official birth on Sunday, March 6th, 1982


who is Verne Innhel?

here are some Cyber-Staked links;

Artwork by Verne Innhel on an Earthdog post;


Verne Innhel’s review of the movie: Sukeban Deka

…or how about Verne Innhel’s comment about 

BRETUS -The dawn bleeds 

found onyoutube

“Album ordered from ARX. Thank you! My neighbors will not get any sleep when this arrives.”

….that’s “our” Verne …in …Hell!!

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