Rampage Radio

RAMPAGE Radio’s 32nd Anniversary 3/9/14 @2am (‘DayLight Savings Time’)

Sunday, March 9


LISTEN  to the March 9th 2014 Podcast (part 1) of Rampage Radio (part 2) on Radio Valencia.FM 


RAMPAGE Radio’s 32nd Anniversary was March 6th!!

Catch the Podcast(s) featuring Ron Quintana Along With the rest of the RAMPAGE Dj’s

Podcast Uploaded 3/9/14

Listen as we Celebrate all 32 Years of RAMPAGE RADIO! from KUSF to Radio Valencia

…and the Long Crazy Road in one evening

Rampage Radio usual start time is 2am, but on the morning of 3/9/14

DayLight Savings Time took effect so the official start time was 3am

Rampage Annivesary Banner

Ron's Rampage Radio Wacky Crew

-Rampage Radio – 32nd Year Anniversary  3/9/14 – 2am to 8am-
with Ron Quintana, Dj SwampLord, Verne Inhel, The Mighty Zee, the LastAngry Manny & Father Featherstone (with the Prophet of Doom & Rev. Boom King in spirit)

“many people may have started turning the radio dial to see what else was on. Those people found a radio show that sounded like a real account of an alien attack. The show did issue a disclaimer at the beginning of the show, but the people tuning in late did not hear that announcement and so a small panic did occur”

Ron and Manny

3:14am: Happy Anniversary! Rampage Radio – 32nd Year Anniversary

3:19am: Slaughterhouse by Dark Angel

3:23am: Soundtrack of Dune by Toto

3:24am: Thumping Beat by Screaming Lord Sutch from from Rampage Radio 1985

3:28am: Nightmare by Night Sun from from Rampage Radio 1985

3:31am: Blitzkrieg by Metallica from from Rampage Radio 1985

3:37am: Fast as a Shark by Accept from from Rampage Radio 1985

3:38am: 20 Best NWOBHM by Rampage Radio

3:48am: Trial By Fire by Quintannica from Ron Q 50th Birthday

3:53am: Tyger Bay by Tygers Of Pan Tang from Quintannica show for Ron Q’s 50th Birthday 2011

3:57am: Dark Lady by Scorpions from Quintannica show for Ron Q’s 50th Birthday 2011

4:00am: Full Moon Eyes by Ostrogoth from Quintannica show for Ron Q’s 50th Birthday 2011

4:03am: Stand Up And Be Counted by Saxon from Quintannica show for Ron Q’s 50th Birthday 2011

4:07am: Slowly Sever by Angel Witch from Quintannica show for Ron Q’s 50th Birthday 2011

4:12am: Red Skies by Metal Church for Mike Monroe

4:17am: Mercilous Onslaught by Metal Church

4:21am: I Am The Doctor by Motorhead

4:26am: Brain Dead-Demo by Exodus

4:30am: Black Funeral by Mercyful Fate

4:34am: Melt The Ice Away by Quintannica-Ron Q’s 50th Birthday

4:38am: Smash The Crystal by Blind Illusion

4:51am: Goblins Blade by Heathen

4:56am: Up The Dose by Mentors

5:00am: Malice by Stone Vengeance

5:03am: Phobophobia by Vio-Lence

Zee and Ron

5:19am: Melissa by Mercyful Fate by request; Lora SF

5:23am: The Alien by Sacred Blade

5:29am: Interview with Dave Mustaine 1984 w/Ron Q. by Megadeth

5:34am: Skull Beneath the Skin (demo version) by Megadeth

5:41am: METALLICA The Club Dayz with Bill Hale Interviewing Ron Quintana

5:42am: Metal Militia(demo version) by Metallica

5:52am: Quit by Septic Death

5:53am: We Are The Road Crew by Motorhead

Verne and Craig

6:01am: Be My Slave by Bitch

6:07am: Bite Your Head Off by King Parrot

6:15am: Sales Of Charon (by request) by Scorpions

6:33am: Die by the Sword by Slayer

6:36am: The Last Judgement by Trouble

6:42am: Leather Face by Dope Body

6:46am: Hey Man by Hank Williams iii

6:48am: I\’m Not A Serial Killer by I\’m Not Stanley

6:50am: My Family Is A Little Weird by M.D.C.

6:52am: Incurable Illness by Meth Drinker

6:56am: Night Of The Living Bass Heads by Public Enemy

7:00am: State Of No Return by Om

7:06am: Practicing Pat by David Firth

7:08am: Mary Had A Lil Drug Problem by Scratch Acid

7:11am: Live by The Locust

7:14am: Video Dating by David Firth

7:16am: Caged Bird by The Victims Family

7:21am: Krell by Blood Of Kings

7:24am: Never Trust A Monkey by Brack

7:25am: Money Talks by Cryptic Slaughter

7:29am: Don\’t Touch Me by Brak

7:33am: Chapel of Ghouls by Morbid Angel

7:45am: Evil by Steve Costello

7:49am: InstruMetals by Rampage Radio

Rampage Radio!! Originally conceived by KUSF DJs Ron Quintana, Ian Kallen & Howie Klein, RAMPAGE RADIO has been assaulting the airwaves with metal and other noise on a weekly basis ever since its official birth on Sunday, March 6th, 1982


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