Rampage Radio

Sat 1/6 Rampage Radio – Special Re-Broadcast!! Originally Aired on Jan 7th, 2017 @  10:00am

Saturday, January 6


Rampage Radio – Special Re-Broadcast!!

Originally Aired on January 7th, 2017 @  10:00am

Podcast Episode #189 – Rampage Radio -1/7/2017

Rampage Radio – LAM SOLO aka THE LONE RAGER– the Last Angry Manny by his fuckin’ self!!

Playing History
January 7, 2017 10:00am – 2:00pm


10:16am: Miasmic Mutation by Abhorrent Decimation

10:19am: No Escape by Torture Squad

10:26am: Corpse Without A Soul by Mercyful Fate

10:32am: Behind Enemy Lines by Spirtual Hate

10:38am: Lamb to the Slaughter by Hostile

10:51am: Fast As a Shark by Accept

10:57am: the Last Honest Man by Buffalode

11:05am: Down to Mars to Ride by Entombed AD

11:09am: New Motive Power by One Machine

11:11am: Crush the Concrete by Thigma

11:15am: Memership by Necrophobia

11:23am: Abandon by Fallujah

11:25am: Desasters in Carpathia by HellHunter (playing with DirkShnieder 1-21 @ slims)

11:34am: Grave Desecrater by HellHunter (playing with DirkShnieder 1-21 @ slims)

11:55am: Dreaming into Reality by Graveworm

12:00pm: Dark Times by HellHunter (playing with DirkShnieder 1-21 @ slims)

12:03pm: return to normal schedule.

12:04pm: The Metal Asylum Executioner by Gloria Morti This is where it all goes down! The finest Thrash, Death, Speed, Black, NWOBHM, Hardcore, Doom, Sludge, Progressive, Noise, and Post-metal brought to you by \’The Girl Next Door.\’ DJ Jody brings you to the brink of hearing loss and back again, just in time for lunch.

12:08pm: Rakkaudesta Saatanaan by Behexen

12:17pm: Northing by ACHE

12:22pm: Live and Burn by Destroyer 666

12:26pm: Image Control by Sumac

12:36pm: The Deep by Barishi

12:53pm: Plasimic and Pure by Crowbar

12:58pm: As Below by Wvrm

1:08pm: Vargens Standiga Vakan by Murg

1:13pm: Naked in Moonlit Bliss, Drunk on Fire by Sallow

1:18pm: Mary\’s Happy Enema by Goatblood

1:20pm: Hell on Earth by Mortician

1:25pm: Suffering in Ecstacy by Six Feet Under

1:28pm: Krisiun by Refusal

1:33pm: Final Exit by Morbid Saint

1:36pm: Blaspheme by Viking Crown

1:40pm: Heavy Metal Maniac by Exciter

1:44pm: Vested in Surplice and Violet Stole by Weapon

1:54pm: Mother North by Satyricon

Originally conceived by KUSF DJs Ron Quintana, Ian Kallen & Howie Klein,

RAMPAGE RADIO has been assaulting the airwaves with metal and other noise

on a weekly basis ever since its official birth on Sunday, March 6th, 1982.

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