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WE HAVE RETURNED!! RAMPAGE RADIO LIVES!! Every Sunday Morning from 2am to 8am – Our RETURN SHOW 3/2/14

Saturday, March 1


On The Air Again Every Saturday Night/Sunday Morning from 2am to 8am on the Transmissions from the Mission Community Radio Station
Radio Valencia.FM
Rampage Radio!! Originally conceived by KUSF DJs Ron Quintana, Ian Kallen & Howie Klein, RAMPAGE RADIO has been assaulting the airwaves with metal and other noise on a weekly basis ever since its official birth on Sunday, March 6th, 1982

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FOR OUR RETURN SHOW TONIGHT 3/2/14 –IT’S ALIVE with REVENGE & RAMPAGING as Dj’s the LastAngryManny & Father Featherstone aka ‘the LAM&theFATHER show’ take you into the night and Rock your Rapture’d soul ’till the DAWN!

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Rampage Radio 3/2/14 with LastAngry Manny & Father Featherstone

“A new power is rising, its victory is at hand. This night the land will be stained with the blood of Loren. March to Brocas Helm’s deep, leave none alive. TO WAR! There will be no dawn for Men.”

Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here:
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2:07am: The Kids are Back by Twisted Sister

2:11am: Another Return to the Church by Artch

2:16am: Metal Will Never Die by Dio

2:22am: Return of the Warlord by Manowar

2:28am: Return to my Blood by Metal Safari

2:30am: The Book of Heavy Metal by Dream Evil

2:34am: Batman Returns meets Metal by ERock

2:39am: Birthday Dethday by Dethklok

2:40am: When Our Troops Unite by DawnRider

2:46am: Ride of the Valkyrie by Dick Wagner

2:56am: The Greatest Speech Ever Made-Warriors of the World by Charlie Chaplin

3:01am: Charlie Chaplin’s Body Trailer by Charlie Chaplin’s Body Trailer

3:04am: Grave Robbing by Digging Up the Dead

3:05am: The Grave Robber by the Black Dahlia Murder

3:09am: Graverobbers by Comets of Fire

3:15am: Friends of Mine by Grave Digger

3:19am: Children of the Grave by Grave Robbers

3:23am: Confession of a Metal Detecting Grave Robber by Confession of a Metal Detecting Grave Robber

3:30am: Graverobbers by Dark Lotus

3:34am: Great Gonzos! by Ted Nugent Responds to ‘Subhuman Mongrel’

3:44am: St. Satan’s Day by Powerwolf

3:50am: 2112 by RUSH

3:58am: Know Your Rights by The Clash

4:01am: Cannibal by Scratch Acid

4:03am: 7 Churches by Possessed

4:06am: Cavity by Christian Death

4:10am: Of 2 Minds by Arson Gardens

4:15am: Killers by Iron Maiden

4:19am: Delivering The Goods by Judas Priest

4:23am: Disciples of Hell by Rising Force

4:29am: The Narrow Way by Pink Floyd

4:34am: Red by King Crimson

4:40am: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath by Black Sabbath

4:47am: Ralph the Dog by Bob & Dough McKenzie

4:50am: Welcome To My Dream/Tip Toe Through The Tulips With Me by Tiny Tim

4:53am: Smells Like Shit by Alien Sex Fiend

4:59am: Big Jesus Trash Can by The Birthday Party

5:02am: Nous De La Lune by The Young Gods

5:07am: Kill Yourself by S.O.D.

5:08am: Another Wasted Night by Gang Green

5:11am: Crucified by Sacrilege B.C.

5:14am: Starlet / Breaking Up Is Hard To Do by The Jesus Lizard

5:21am: In My Head by Black Flag

5:25am: Problems by Life Sentence

5:28am: South Africa Has Won by M.D.C.

5:32am: It Can Happen by Aggression

5:35am: My Evil Twin by Victims Family

5:38am: T.V. News by B.G.K.

5:40am: The Eliminator by Agnostic Front

5:43am: Don’t Need It / Pay To Cum by Bad Brains

5:48am: You Can’t Have Fun by Ludichrist

5:50am: Scab On My Brain / Hangover by R.K.L.

5:56am: MotorCycle by Love & Rockets

6:00am: Welcome/Television/CIA by The Beat Nigs

6:12am: Mutiny In Heaven by The Birthday Party

6:15am: On The Tweek Again/Over The Electric Grapevine by Primus

6:26am: Brainstorm by Hawkwind

6:38am: South Of Heaven by Front Porch Ministry

6:42am: Richard Petty by Front Porch Ministry

6:58am: Dry Heave by I.N.C

7:03am: Winter Kill by Slaughter Xstroyes

7:09am: Sacrifice the Whore by Preacher

7:12am: Fool on the Run by Titan Force

7:18am: Stress by Oxen Killer

7:23am: With Fire and Sword by Summoning

7:30am: Projekt Terror by Stalaagh

7:38am: Grindhouse Trailers by Rampage Radio

7:45am: RAMPAGE RADIO on Radio Valencia Every Sat Night/Sun Morning 2am-8am

Originally conceived by KUSF DJs Ron Quintana, Ian Kallen & Howie Klein,
RAMPAGE RADIO has been assaulting the airwaves with metal and other noise on a weekly basis ever since its official birth on Sunday, March 6th, 1982.


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