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Rampage Radio 10/13/13 with LastAngry Manny & Father Featherstone aka the LAM & the FATHER show

Sunday, October 13


Rampage Radio 10/13/13 with LastAngry Manny & Father Featherstone


“Fight we will fight
And they will run
Through the snow and
The raging sun
Steel will clash
Their blood will run
For the future”

Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here:
OR Here:

2:15am: Seek & Destroy by Raven

2:18am: Owl at Eli’s by Owl

2:22am: Heathen’s Revenge by Volture

2:25am: Material Girl by Exhumed

2:29am: Am I Evil by Diamond Head

2:35am: From Womb to Waste by Dying Fetus

2:42am: No Presents for Xmas (tribute to King Diamond) by Exhumed

2:44am: The Graze of Locust by Abiotic

2:49am: The Outsider by Hemotoxin

2:52am: Blood Spattered Satisfaction by Walking the Cadaver

2:55am: Satan Spawn The Caco-Daemon by Deicide

2:59am: She Lay Gutted by Disgorge

3:02am: Swamped in Gore by Broken Hope

3:09am: Terrorist Attack by Necronomicon

3:13am: Bad Acid Baphomet = 6 seconds worth by Apocryphon

3:21am: Caster of Shame by Death Angel

3:23am: Arrows of Agony by Heathen

3:30am: Authority Lies (Demo version \’91) by My Victim

3:32am: Authority Lies 2012 version by My Victim

3:38am: Metal Woman by 3 Inches of Blood

3:42am: Force Fed Lies by Battlecross

3:45am: Leviathan Awaits by Revocation

3:59am: Detonate (PreProduction) by Death Angel from The Dream Calls for Blood

4:01am: Devils Metal by Death Angel

4:07am: Burnt Offerings by Christian Death

4:10am: Hot Smoke & Sassafras by Bubble Puppy

4:12am: Hammer & Tongs by Budgie

4:19am: Anatomy of an Atheist by Some Guy

4:23am: Lost in the cold sun by Earthless

4:44am: Year of the bones by Fungal Abyss

4:57am: Skull Crusher by Iron Claw

5:03am: White people smokin\’ weed by Dave Chappelle

5:06am: 99 by Follakzoid

5:15am: The Races we have by Jerry Jackson

5:16am: a Rare Performance by Judas Priest

5:23am: Stoned out of my head by Judas Priest

5:28am: Run by Sesame Street

5:33am: Decades (Joy Division cover by Tuxedomoon and the Units

5:45am: Slow Dance by Tuxedomoon and the Units

5:49am: Willpower by Today is the day

5:52am: Center of the Sun by Samsarara Blues Experiment

6:04am: Pyramid of the moon by Maserati

6:13am: Jerry Jackson by Life & Death

6:17am: Chocolate Piano by Orang-Utan

6:24am: I see Demons by Book of Black Earth

6:32am: they killed fritz by Wizards

6:40am: SOMA by Winston Tong

6:44am: In a manner of speaking by Winston Tong

6:56am: Side Winder by Today Is The Day

6:57am: Golden Calf by Today Is The Day

7:01am: 2009 Music Scene by David Firth

7:04am: At Wits End by Winston Tong

7:19am: Introduction-Transvestites by Sex is not hazardous to your health

7:22am: Rape Proof Dress by Sex is not hazardous to your health

7:30am: Jinx by Winston Tong

7:34am: Freedom by Winston Tong

7:39am: Resume’ by Winston Tong

7:44am: Don’t Push me away by Crank

Originally conceived by KUSF DJs Ron Quintana, Ian Kallen & Howie Klein,
RAMPAGE RADIO has been assaulting the airwaves with metal and other noise on a weekly basis ever since its official birth on Sunday, March 6th, 1982.

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