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Rampage Radio 11/24/13 with DJ Swamplord and Loren on Radio

Sunday, November 24

Swamplord  Loren 11 2013

Rampage Radio 11/24/13 with DJ Swamplord and Loren


“For Satan finds some mischief still
for idle hands to do”

Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here:
OR Here:

2:02am: Brain Damage by Vendetta

2:05am: Are You Out There by Charger

2:09am: Sworn to the Black by Morbid Angel

2:13am: Never Givin’ Up by Tyga Myra

2:23am: Seelenland by Nagelfar

2:27am: DOEN by Red Fang

2:30am: Primitive Blast by The Shrine

2:34am: Cinders Veil by Unmoored

2:46am: The Eagle’s War Night by Oblivion Knight

2:50am: Morn of Solace by Klabautamann

2:55am: Kill All of Me by Volcano

3:01am: Poison Path by Christian Mistress

3:05am: Rewards of Cruelty by Severed Savior

3:08am: Roadwar by Risk

3:12am: Skyclad by Skyclad

3:23am: No Way Out by Forgotten Tomb

3:29am: Drum of Ayakashi by Ningen-Isu

3:34am: My Own Sacrifice by After All

3:41am: Invocation of the Ancients by The Wounded Kings

3:48am: Premonition by Marshall Law

3:53am: Break the Chains by Tokyo Blade

4:01am: Evil’s Rising by Holy Terror

4:05am: Daemon by The Ruins of Beverast

4:14am: Ground Zero by Indestroy

4:17am: Man from Kerioth by The Meads of Asphodel

4:27am: Before the Storm (The Secret Affair) by Rage

4:31am: A Nienawisc Wciaz Plonie by Slavland

4:36am: Metalfire by Steel Assassin

4:45am: On The Way to Vigrid by Blut aus Nord

4:50am: Future Warriors by Atomkraft

4:55am: Wings of Blackening by Kalmah

4:59am: Dead Ones Cry No More by The Mezmerist

5:07am: Buried Dreams by Carcass

5:10am: Witch Hammers by Sabbat

5:23am: Jewel Throne by Celtic Frost

5:24am: Victim Of The Insane by Trouble

5:27am: Time Of The Dark by Brocas Helm

5:36am: Winter Moon Rapture by Solstice

5:42am: Evil Games by Angel Witch

5:46am: Spring Maiden by Silver Mountain

5:52am: Paralyzed by Motorhead

5:56am: Battery by Ultra

6:01am: Sinner by Ursa Major

6:10am: Thoth by Noothgrush

6:18am: Drown In Revelation by Coffins

6:26am: In The Time Of Job When Mammon Was A Yippie by Lucifer’s Friend

6:34am: The Age Of Nefarious by Hell

6:37am: Live At The Inferno by Raven

6:42am: Eye Of The Storm by Sweet Savage

6:47am: Self Made Suicide by E.F. Band

6:49am: Walking In The Dark by Pagan Altar

6:53am: Child Of Innocent by Condition Green

6:59am: Evil Awaits Us by Chastain

7:04am: Black Funeral (live L.A. ’93) by Mercyful Fate

7:08am: Metal Warriors by Manowar

7:14am: 3 AM In Agony by Vastum

7:20am: Signals Of Infection by Hatchet

7:23am: Kill For Beer by Hell Bullet

7:27am: Crows In Swine by Red Fang

7:30am: Kneel And Obey by Fates Warning

7:36am: Hot Line (live Reading ’83) by Black Sabbath

7:41am: Hellion Rising by Hirax

7:46am: Arrival Of Eons After by Inquisition

7:51am: Toxic Trace by Kreator

7:58am: Helpless (’45 version) by Diamond Head

Originally conceived by KUSF DJs Ron Quintana, Ian Kallen & Howie Klein,
RAMPAGE RADIO has been assaulting the airwaves with metal and other noise on a weekly basis ever since its official birth on Sunday, March 6th, 1982.

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