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Rampage Radio 11/3/13 with LastAngry Manny & Father Featherstone aka the LAM & the FATHER show on

Sunday, November 3

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Rampage Radio 11/3/13 with LastAngry Manny & Father Featherstone

“Al vivo todo le falta y al muerto todo le sobra.”
(The ones alive need everything, the dead need nothing.)


Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here:
OR Here:


2:01am: Santanico Dramatico by DDLM – Dia De Los Muertos

2:07am: Dia De Los Muertos songs by DDLM

2:09am: Plague Mass by DDLM -Dia De Los Muertos

2:12am: Eye for an Eye by Soulfly

2:16am: Fog Of War by Fog Of War

2:20am: Meet the Grinder by DDLM – Dia De Los Muertos

2:28am: Worse Than War by Havok

2:32am: Laser Enforcer (demo) by Slough Feg

2:40am: Intro-Megaton-Vestige of Earthly Remains by Defecation

2:42am: Sigo Siendo Rey by DDLM – Dia De Los Muertos

2:44am: Las Calaveras Del Terror by DDLM – Dia De Los Muertos

2:47am: Amok Run by Kreator

2:48am: Destroy What Destroys You by Kreator

2:53am: Dia De Los Muertos by Tradicion de Mexico

2:57am: Sigo Vivo by DDLM – Dia De Los Muertos

3:02am: I Wont Give Up by Jello Biafra & Guantanamo School of Medicine

3:08am: The Fifth Republic by DDLM – Dia De Los Muertos

3:10am: Dark Times by Hell Hunter

3:14am: Bestia De Las Mill Cabezas by DDLM – Dia De Los Muertos

3:17am: Drunken Wisdom by Overkill

3:23am: The Freaking FCC by Family Guy

3:29am: 2000 Man by Kiss

3:35am: Behind the Veils of Night by Warbringer

3:42am: Deaths Embrace by DDLM – Dia De Los Muertos

3:46am: Here Hell Rises by DDLM – Dia De Los Muertos

3:51am: I’m Gonna Get High by Tampa Red

3:57am: Brainstorm by English Dogs

4:03am: Paraplegic by Vio-Lence

4:07am: Know your rights by The Clash

4:10am: Welcome/ Television by the Beatnigs

4:16am: Death Pact by Poison Idea

4:16am: The Plague/Mirror Image by Christ On Parade

4:18am: Break the Camels Back by R.K.L.

4:23am: Damaged 1 by Black Flag

4:27am: Possessed by Suicidal Tendencies

4:30am: I Don’t Need Society by D.R.I.

4:33am: Grey World/Dope Fiend by Attitude Adjustment

4:38am: Practicing For War by Attitude

4:41am: We’re An American Band by Verbal Abuse

4:43am: Mommy Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight by Misfits

4:47am: We Destroy The Family by Fear

4:51am: How Low Can A Punk Get by Bad Brains

4:53am: Business On Parade by M.D.C.

4:56am: The Money Will Roll Right In by Fang

4:58am: Used To Be In Love by Dayglo Abortions

5:02am: All Gone and Dead  by Subhumans

5:04am: Static Jesus by Shadow Project

5:09am: Prayer/Intervention by Corrosion Of Conformity

5:14am: Slaughterhouse by Sacrilege

5:18am: Life of Dreams by Crumbsuckers

5:20am: March of the S.O.D/Seargent D. by S.O.D.

5:26am: Thumbscrews by The Jesus Lizard

5:28am: Burn by The Unsane

5:32am: Duelilng Banshees by Karp

5:39am: 21st Street Bash by 78 rpms

5:41am: Every Day Is Saturday by Front Porch Ministry with Jeff Davies

5:50am: Tell It All Brother by The First Edition

5:54am: Motorcycle by Love and Rockets

5:59am: Monitor by Siouxsie and The Banshees

6:03am: by everything you wanted to know about the moog

6:05am: by thats not funny that\’s sick

6:40am: The Watcher by Hawkwind

6:44am: by Witchcraft

6:57am: Defenders of Metal by Stormwarrior

7:01am: Progeny by Celtic Frost

7:08am: Hard To Believe by The Reign of Kindo

7:09am: Bewitched by Candlemass

7:16am: Der Jagermeister (live in Prattein 2012) by Trolifest

7:21am: Wenches & Mead by Alestorm

7:24am: March of the Crabs by Anvil

7:28am: Under the Arms of Lucifer by Arkona

7:34am: Curse of Humanity by Slough Feg

7:36am: A Road Less Traveled by Grayceon

7:40am: Forestelevision Teaser by Lesbian

7:42am: High Wire by Points North

7:49am: Quack Like a Duck by The Goat and Your Mom

7:54am: War Pigs by Sacred Reich

Originally conceived by KUSF DJs Ron Quintana, Ian Kallen & Howie Klein,
RAMPAGE RADIO has been assaulting the airwaves with metal and other noise on a weekly basis ever since its official birth on Sunday, March 6th, 1982.

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