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Rampage Radio 12/1/13 with Themighty Zee & Josh Mosh on Radio

Sunday, December 1

zorn 2013

Rampage Radio 12/1/13 with Themighty Zee & Josh Mosh


“I want to rip out his heart and feed it to him. I want to kill people. I want to rip their stomachs out and eat their children.”

Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here:
OR Here:

2:03am: Wicked Mystic by Annihilator from In Command

2:06am: Lightning To The Nations by Diamond Head from Borrowed Time

2:10am: Left For Dead by Winds Of Plague from Resistance

2:14am: The Scavengers Daughter by When The Deadbolt Breaks

2:15am: Badlands by Metal Church

2:31am: Feel The Fire by Overkill from Feel The Fire

2:36am: Failure In The Flesh by Through The Eyes Of The Dead

2:40am: Maniacally Unleashed by Revocation

2:50am: Skinned Alive by Sacrilege BC

2:51am: Terror Strikes by Sacrifice from Forward To Termination

2:55am: Radiation Sickness by Nuclear Assault from Game Over

2:59am: Victims by TT Quick

3:04am: Chopped In Half by Obituary from Cause Of Death

3:08am: Killing Machine by Atrophy from Socialized Hate

3:18am: Shield Wall by Amebix from Sonic Mass

3:19am: Thirsty and Miserable by Black Flag from Damaged

3:21am: Painful Perception by Severe Torture

3:23am: Apocalyptic Havvok by Goatwhore

3:24am: The Cock Is Dead by Bonsai Kitten from Done With Hell

3:28am: Behind Barbwire by The Casualties from Resistance

3:29am: Impaler by Exodus from Another Lesson In Violence

3:38am: Voodoo by Black Sabbath from The Mob Rules

3:39am: Stormblast by Dimmu Borgir from Stormblast

3:52am: The Pestilence by Kreator from Pleasure To Kill

3:59am: Bomb Food by Artillery

4:03am: The Alien by Sacred Blade

4:13am: Warmaster by Bolt Thrower from The Peel Sessions

4:16am: Suicide Command by Coroner from RIP

4:22am: Take Em Alive by E.S.P.

4:26am: We Want You by Banshee

4:32am: Dreams by King Diamond

4:36am: Old World Nights by Oliver Magnum

4:36am: Wasteland by Toxik

4:37am: Blood Under Heaven by Dissenter

4:38am: Needle Damage by Chaos Horde

4:39am: Dehumanise by Faith or Fear

5:01am: Night On Brocken by Fates Warning from Night On Brocken

5:09am: Cross Eyed Mary by Clutch

5:10am: Doctor Doctor by Fireball Ministry

5:16am: Cannibal Holocaust by Soulfly from Savages

5:21am: Satans Blood, Lucifers Fire by Satans Wrath from Aeons Of Satans Reign

5:25am: Yellow Teeth by Protest The Hero

5:30am: Want Some by Pro Pain

5:33am: When Darkness Falls by Killswitch Engage

5:38am: Revel In Flesh by Entombed from Left Hand Path

5:41am: Phobophobia by Vio-Lence from Eternal Nightmare

5:47am: Fucking Hostile by Machine Head

5:56am: Something For Nothing by Rush from All The Worlds A Stage

6:00am: To High To Get It Right by Accept from Metal Heart

6:03am: Head On by Armoured Saint from La Raza

6:09am: Chemical Nuce by Flotsam And Jetsam from Unatural Selection

6:14am: Back In The Village by Iron Maiden from Powerslave

6:19am: Metal Rap by Lone Rager

6:24am: Wash The Planet Clean by Agent Steel from Alienigma

6:29am: Burnt Offerings by Legacy

6:36am: Ignorance by Sacred Reich

6:38am: Hellbound by Viking

6:41am: Keeper Of The Flame by Overlorde

6:45am: Violence Is Golden by Fatal Violence

6:51am: Spare No Lives by Tactics

6:53am: Nothing Left by Santum

6:58am: Into Darkness by Gargoyle

7:01am: Death Awaits You by Ripper

7:09am: The Money Will Roll In by Fang from Landshark

7:11am: Metamorphosis of a Monster by Blind Illusion from The Sane Asylum

7:24am: Pallid Hands by In Solitude

7:29am: Cackwhiff by MDSO

7:32am: Wage Slave by Mannequin Planet from Insane Experiments

7:36am: How To Act by DRI from Dealing With It

7:38am: Girls Like You by Smegma and The Nunz

7:39am: Just Drink Some Beer by Gang Green

7:40am: Give and Take by Mallethead

7:43am: Dig Up Her Bones by Misfits from American Psycho

7:46am: Rat Fink by Misfits

Originally conceived by KUSF DJs Ron Quintana, Ian Kallen & Howie Klein,
RAMPAGE RADIO has been assaulting the airwaves with metal and other noise on a weekly basis ever since its official birth on Sunday, March 6th, 1982.

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