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Sunday, December 15


Rampage Radio 12/15/13 with Loren


“Living ain’t easy it opens your head
Layin’ and prayin’ you wish you were dead
When I was born I was given a will
That the meaning of life is
I’m in for the kill”

Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here:
OR Here:

2:01am: Marked For Death by Jack Van Impe

2:05am: No Stayer by Witchfinder General

2:06am: Go To Hell by Future Tense

2:11am: Waiting To Die by Master

2:18am: Rock Shock by Loudness

2:24am: Salem (demo) by Sacred Blade

2:30am: Death Winds Will Cleanse by Valdur

2:35am: Reign Of Terror by Legacy

2:51am: Burning Saviour by Pentagram

2:51am: Jack The Ripper by Tyrant’s Reign

2:55am: Cursed Excruciation by Mystifier

3:00am: Beyond The Gates Of Hell by Morbid Saint

3:07am: Sacrifice by Bathory

3:12am: Bestial Invasion by Destruction

3:16am: Night Of The Living Dead by The Misfits

3:38am: The Ivory Gate Of Dreams (live) by Fates Warning

3:45am: Island Of Domination by Judas Priest

3:46am: Labyrinths by Wall of Sleep

3:51am: Glow, Burn, Scream by Magma Rise

3:59am: Death As Liberation by Black Oath

4:07am: 4 Wheel Drive by Bay Rum

4:10am: Dark Lady by Scorpions

4:13am: Stand Up And Be Counted by Saxon

4:19am: Valley Of The Stones by Black Star Riders

4:25am: In For The Kill by Budgie

4:29am: Barbarian Winter by Raven Black Night

4:42am: When I Came Down by Black Sabbath

4:47am: The Forsaken/Dead Ones Cry No More by The Mezmerist

4:54am: Wizard Of War by Orchid

4:57am: Going To Mexico by Motorhead

5:06am: Teachers by Boxer

5:13am: Turn Around by Tempest

5:19am: Loud Green Song by Patto

5:26am: Axeman & The Virgin by Silver Mountain

5:31am: Mirrors by Angel

5:35am: Flight Of The Rat by Deep Purple

5:45am: Silver Spoon by Ursa Major

5:53am: Sin’s A Good Mans Brother by Grand Funk

6:00am: Tell Me Why by Frijid Pink

6:01am: Cold Steel by Mad Dog

6:07am: Ethiopia by Jericho

6:12am: Temples Of Syrinx by Wizard

6:15am: Blue Flames (demo) by Anvil Chorus

6:20am: Prisoners Of Fate by Heathen

6:28am: Black Sanctuary by Genocide

6:35am: Exorcism by Run After To

6:39am: Lazer Enforcer by Slough Feg

6:46am: Witching Metal Ritual by Witches Mark

6:51am: Licensed To Kill by Jag Panzer

6:54am: Carrion by Malefice

6:59am: They Can Smell Our Blood by Embalmer

7:03am: Overdrive by Thrust

7:08am: Protest & Survive by Discharge

7:12am: Thy Kingdom Come by Morbid Angel

7:15am: Beyond The Martyrs by Argus

7:20am: Old Mornings Dawn by Summoning

7:32am: Cycles Of Suffering by Suffocation

7:36am: Let It Loose by Savage

7:39am: Riders Of Doom by Witchkiller

7:44am: Whipping Queen (demo) by Exodus

7:52am: Return Of The Vampire by Mercyful Fate

7:55am: Tower Of Silence by Cathedral

Originally conceived by KUSF DJs Ron Quintana, Ian Kallen & Howie Klein,
RAMPAGE RADIO has been assaulting the airwaves with metal and other noise on a weekly basis ever since its official birth on Sunday, March 6th, 1982.

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