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Rampage Radio 2/2/14 – w/ the LastAngry Manny & Father Featherstone aka the LAM & the FATHER show on Radio

Sunday, February 2



Rampage Radio 2/2/14 with LastAngry Manny & Father Featherstone

“Don’t approach a goat from the front, a horse from the back, or a fool from any side.”

Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here:
OR Here:

2:17am: Flesh Bound Text by Alterbeast

2:20am: The Science of Noise by Dark Tranquility

2:23am: The Unknowing by Omnium Gatherum

2:32am: Valor and Might by Exmortus

2:38am: March of the SOD/Sargent D by SOD

2:44am: Final Countdown by Children of Bodom

2:48am: Sword in my Hand by Tyr

2:53am: Son of the Morning by Death Angel

3:01am: Jagerbombers by Hang the Kode

3:03am: Hubris by Bombs Overhead

3:09am: Groundhog’s Day by Primus

3:25am: Consume without Cause by Legion666

3:28am: Kiss the Goat by Crucifyre

3:32am: Kiss the Goat-(KrampusX mix) by Beastianity

3:38am: The Dust Lies between the Lines by Hammers of Misfortune

3:39am: The Punk Goat! by WormRot

3:41am: Heavy Metal Screaming Goat Compilation by Biquette in Hell from tribute to Biquette R.I.P.

3:44am: Ride with Death by SpeedWolf .

3:48am: Death She Cried by Vesperian Sorrow

3:54am: If Heaven is Hell by Tokyo Blade

4:01am: Kiss the Goat by Electric Hellfire Club

4:11am: Horns of Gondor by Battlelore

4:13am: Kiss the Goat by Legion666

4:26am: Goats No More by Father Featherstone

4:30am: Raped by an Anti-drug Dog by Father Featherstone

4:31am: Cuz I got high by The adicted

4:40am: The Sweetest Drug by Highlord

4:43am: The Dark Side of the Spoon by Ministry

4:47am: Drug Fucking Abomination by Anaal Nathrakh

4:55am: God Smack by Alice in Chains

4:58am: Ready for Fuck Drunk by Abigail

5:01am: Drug Party in 526 by G.B.H.

5:04am: The Tweeker by Moist Boyz

5:07am: Dope Show by Marilyn Manson

5:12am: Drug Squad Man by The Exploited

5:15am: I Need a Beer by The Southern Restoration Society

5:21am: Falling Elevators by M C 900 ft Jesus

5:27am: Motorbreath by Sarcasm

5:30am: Fuck Drugs by Blank Stare

5:31am: Drug Song by Janko Nilovic

5:34am: Mixed It by Faith No More

5:42am: Rock Lobster by ETMB Metal

5:52am: Punx for Profit by LIfe Sentence

5:54am: Azmeroth by Sacrilege BC

5:57am: Mutiny in Heaven by The Birthday Party

6:00am: On the Tweek Again by Primus

6:05am: Me, Myself, & I by Front Porch Ministry

6:08am: CIA by The Beatnigs

6:12am: Know Your Rights by The Clash

6:15am: Mongoloid by M.D.C.

6:17am: Nous De La Lune by Young Gods

6:20am: Rabid Pigs by Jesus Lizard

6:22am: Cavity by Christian Death

6:25am: Scab on My Brain by RKL

6:28am: Willpower by Today is the Day

6:32am: Fire in the Firehouse by Ludichrist

6:33am: Sandwich of Love by Mentors

6:38am: Magnum Opus by Kansas

6:53am: I Want You Dead by Repulsa

6:56am: Demon on a Harley by Bat Castle

7:00am: Screamin’ Machine by Purgatory

7:04am: We Play to Kill by Sad Iron

7:08am: Werewolf, Semen and Blood by Beherit

7:12am: Evil Spells from the Black Gods by Azazel

7:16am: Metalyzed by Blood Money

7:17am: You Mean Nothing by Calhoun Conquer

7:22am: Freak Jesus by Ebony Tears

7:28am: Black Mass by Exorcist

7:32am: Throat Fisting Abortion by Abominable Putridity

7:36am: Speed of Sound by Black Lace

7:42am: Gjallar by Falkenbach

7:48am: Thank God It’s Monday by Airdash

7:54am: Into the Arena by Michael Schenker Group

Originally conceived by KUSF DJs Ron Quintana, Ian Kallen & Howie Klein, 
RAMPAGE RADIO has been assaulting the airwaves with metal and other noise on a weekly basis ever since its official birth on Sunday, March 6th, 1982.

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