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Rampage Radio 3/10/13 3am-8am w/DJ Swamplord & Loren KUSF on Radio

Sunday, March 10


March 2013 is RAMPAGE RADIO’s 31st Anniversary, celebrate with us all month on Radio Valencia! Click “stream” to re-live the insanity … Feel the insomnia!
Tune in next Sunday at 2AM for the annual Ron Quintana Birthday roast & Saint Patrick’s Day Massacre.

Tonight hosts were DJ Swamplord & Loren KUSF

“Rock and roll renegades and dancing pop brigades
You won’t get your answers talking to people in charge
They haven’t got the right to make us feel sad
That’s all I’ve got to say, the bomb will drop today”

Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here:


3:00am: Future Flash by Girlschool

3:07am: Resinous Infection by Hellcannon

3:09am: Christened In Carnage by Iniquitous

3:11am: Saviour of the Blind by Orchid

3:25am: Filo de Se by Silver Mountain

3:29am: Near Darkness by Arachnid

3:37am: Tear Down the Town by Hell Fire

3:42am: Metal Blood by Hellfire

3:48am: Dead Reckoning (Live in London 1980) by Diamond Head

3:56am: Unjust Reform by Iron Man

4:02am: Demoniac City by Black Hole

4:07am: Spontaneous by Toxik

4:12am: Counterpoint by Blackmayne

4:18am: Land of the Dead by Orden Ogan

4:31am: Running Wild by Royal Hunt

4:33am: Emerald (Live ’83) by Thin Lizzy

4:37am: De Nordiska Lagren by Allegiance

4:48am: Reign of Fire by Armored Saint

4:53am: Tetragnatha Praedonia by Ningen-Isu

4:58am: Literal Upheaval of Earth by Disciples of Mockery

5:05am: Aelin’s Oath by Quicksand Dream

5:14am: Blacker Than Black by Enthroned

5:19am: Isa Suda by Metsatöll

5:24am: The DoomSword by DoomSword

5:38am: The Deity of Perversion by 122 Stab Wounds

5:42am: Sha La La (Live) by Slough Feg

5:46am: The Chalkboard Prophet by Lord

5:55am: Wo Die Tannen Thronen by Hel

6:04am: Tear You Down by Motorhead

6:07am: Thorn in the Flesh by Victor Griffin’s In-Graved

6:11am: Crows in Swine by Red Fang

6:14am: The Kid by Wild Horses

6:20am: Slow Motion Countdown by Graveyard

6:26am: Four Day Creep by The Elves

6:29am: Push It On Through by Hunter

6:36am: Woman by Desiree

6:43am: Leaving This Crazy City by Sphex

6:46am: Generations by Les Variations

6:49am: The Juggler by Ocean

7:00am: Pas Plus de Seize Ans by Voie de Fait

7:03am: Les Fils de Lucifer by Vulcain

7:08am: King of a Green Mountain by Northwinds

7:16am: Neither Pity Nor Remorse by Morsure

7:18am: Seul by Blaspheme

7:22am: (Bienvenue au) Sabbat by Satan Jokers

7:27am: Call for the Priest by Judas Priest

7:33am: Hypnosis of Birds by Holocaust

7:41am: Evil (BBC Version) by Mercyful Fate

7:45am: Waiting For the Light by Solitude Aeturnus

7:51am: Dlon Potwora by Turbo

7:56am: Rising of the Dead by Exciter

7:59am: I Love Paris by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins

Originally conceived by KUSF DJs Ron Quintana, Ian Kallen & Howie Klein,

RAMPAGE RADIO has been assaulting the airwaves with metal and other noise

on a weekly basis ever since its official birth on Sunday, March 6th, 19822

Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here: 
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