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Rampage Radio 3/24/13 with The Rev. Boom King, Father Featherstone & The LastAngry Manny

Sunday, March 24


Rampage Radio 3/24/13 with The Rev. Boom King, Father Featherstone & The LastAngry Manny


“Dance to the beat of the living dead Lose sleep, baby – stay away from bed …”


2:03am: Arcadia Order by Heavenwood

2:07am: As Hammer to Anvil by Exhumed

2:12am: We Are The Road Crew by Motorhead

2:17am: Death After Death by Insanity

2:23am: Worship The Animal by Nile

2:27am: Let It Burn by Stinker

2:31am: I See Burn by Primal Rock Rebellion

2:35am: Beethoven on Speed by The Great Kat

2:37am: Black Metal by Venom

2:47am: Thrasher by Cavalera Conspiracy

2:48am: Surf Niccaragua by Sacred Reich

2:52am: Freedom of Speech by Body Count

2:56am: Iron Drunk by Pig Destroyer

2:58am: Dying Day by Assaulter

3:17am: Metal Gods by Judas Priest

3:18am: Boris by Melvins

3:18am: Boris by Wednesday 13

3:20am: Jihad by Slayer

3:21am: Am I Demon by Danzig

3:24am: Bathroom Wall by the Bulemics

3:26am: Turn It Loose by the Loudmouths

3:30am: Towards Babylon by Behemoth

3:33am: Hellfire by Sodom

3:42am: The Destroyers Of All by Ulcerate

3:48am: Lights Out by UFO

3:55am: Lets Kill These Mother Fuckers by Lair of the Minotaur

3:56am: Nightmare by Mercyful Fate

4:01am: Shut It Down by Animosity

4:05am: Lucid Fairytale by Naplam Death

4:06am: Take the Poison by Naplam Death

4:08am: Next On The List by Naplam Death

4:12am: The Trooper by Iron Maiden

4:17am: Raised on Rock by Scorpions

4:22am: For Funerals To Come by Katatonia

4:23am: Whiskey In The Jar by Metallica

4:26am: Visionary Messenger by Desert Sessions

4:33am: The Perfect Example by Slaughter House

4:41am: The Lost Voices by DJ Krush

4:42am: Demon Prince by Kreator

4:50am: Child of the Damned by Warlord

4:56am: Up To The Limit by Accept

4:59am: Bastards Will Pay by Trouble

5:03am: On The Road by Motorhead

5:09am: Day Of The Saxons by Witchkiller

5:21am: Stars by Hear N Aid

5:22am: Search And Destroy by Demon Flight

5:26am: Ain\’t Nobody by ???

5:27am: Chapel of Ghouls by Morbid Angel

5:33am: Live For The Whip by Bitch

5:41am: Hot Mess by Meat Riot

5:44am: Die By The Sword by Slayer

5:51am: Radiation Sickness by Repulsion

5:52am: Execution by Obsession

5:57am: Exhumed to Consume by Carcass


Touch Me I’m Sick-MUDHONEY It’s Not OK To Hit-FUZZIES Raunchy-THE VENTURES Bite Down Hard-TED NUGENT Glenda and the Test Tube Baby-TOY DOLLS Wasted-CIRCLE JERKS Necrophiliac-SLAYER So What-MINISTRY Cold Water-JESUS LIZARD Wrathchild-IRON MAIDEN Black Metal-VENOM Agressive Perfector-SLAYER Walk All Over You-AC/DC Television-BEATNIGS Mechanix-MEGADETH Pushing Too Hard-THE SEEDS

7:09am: Brad Gillis & Tommy Aldrige Solos by Ozzy Speak of the Diablo

7:16am: Snowblind by Ozzy Speak of the Diablo

7:17am: Leaves Scar by Amorphis

7:23am: Mourning Palace by Dimmu Borgir

7:28am: Laid To Rest by Xlbalba

7:33am: Spirit Crusher by Death

7:42am: Walk The Path Of Ash by Ludicra

7:53am: Future Breed Machine by Meshuggah

Originally conceived by KUSF DJs Ron Quintana, Ian Kallen & Howie Klein, RAMPAGE RADIO has been assaulting the airwaves with metal and other noise on a weekly basis ever since its official birth on Sunday, March 6th, 1982

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