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Rampage Radio 6/2/13 2am-8am with Rev Boom King & DJ Spam Chop on Radio

Sunday, June 2


Rampage Radio 6/2/13 2am-8am with Rev Boom King & DJ Spam Chop

“What hath night to do with sleep?


Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here:
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12:05 life with out from Total Loss

12:11am: intro by Immolation

12:11am: the purge by Immolation

12:12am: the purge by Lizzy Borden

12:15am: to the threshold by Big Business

12:20am: Through Struggle by Hatebreed

12:22am: Blood & Thunder by As I lay Dying

12:26am: Devilution by Mastodon

12:31am: Devilution by High On Fire

12:34am: Number 13 by Red Fang

12:39am: WArror Blood by Artillery

12:45am: Never say Die by Black Sabbath

12:52am: Satan Prayer by Ghost

12:54am: Skank Yank by Meat Sluts

12:54am: Exorcista by Dantesco

1:02am: Tombs by Black Heaven

1:08am: Pentagram & Crucifix by Christian Mistress

1:12am: Hot Mess by Jack in the Box

1:13am: Cuint Suckin Cannibal by GG Allin

1:13am: Cunt Suckin Cannibal by GG Allin

1:18am: Scumbag by Green Day

1:19am: Im not a Looser by Descendents

1:24am: Changes by Wolves in the Throne Room

1:26am: Dystopia by Grave

1:28am: Amongst Marble and the Dead by Grave

1:28am: Disembodied Steps by Grave

1:34am: Fear Cave by Blseh

1:35am: Melody this is for You by Blseh

1:43am: Entrance by Assaulter

1:44am: Outshine by Assaulter

1:48am: Battle Royale by Does it offend you Yeah ?

2:02am: My Baby a Ding Dong by Meat Sluts

2:03am: Dead Meat by Meat Sluts

2:05am: Cut a Rug by Meat Sluts

2:12am: Ride On by Psychology of Genocide

2:16am: Eye Missing by Septic Death

2:17am: Stupid Fucking Vegan by Oueers

2:19am: Smoke by Fuck Emo

2:23am: Broken Axis by Mutilation Rites

2:30am: Death of the Gods by Primordial

2:31am: This Hate by Death Angel

2:34am: Do you have a nice life without Me by Cock Sparrer

2:46am: White Wings by Minsk

2:50am: White Devil by Suplecs

2:53am: UFO by Torche

2:59am: Hell Fire by Accept

3:06am: War of Gods by Amon Amarth

3:16am: To the Darkness by Paradise Lost

3:17am: Hotrod by Goatsnake

3:19am: Evil Pain by Bastard Priest

3:23am: Beethovens Filth Gold Digger by Bootie

3:28am: Rapture Riders by Bootie

3:35am: Spirit of 76 by Cock Sparrer

3:36am: This is what I want by Shell Shag

3:39am: 13 Candles by Bathory

3:40am: Solid Ball of Rock by Saxon

3:40am: Judas Priest by Anthrax

3:51am: Mineral Concessions Regrudgingly Granted by Mens Recovery Project

4:01am: MinFema Camp by Killing Joke

4:03am: the Falicon cannot hear the falconer by Liberteer

4:07am: Build No System by Liberteer

4:08am: Without Blazon by Liberteer

4:12am: ST. Louis Blues by Flamin Groovies

4:14am: the Great God Pan by Blood Ceremony

4:21am: Plains at Ground Zero by Flux

4:27am: Angel Down by Sebastian Bach

4:28am: Rite of Samhain by Hour Of 13

4:30am: Third World Genocide by All Pigs Must Die

4:33am: Sichert Die Volks Gemeinschaft by Drooler

4:39am: To Cross The Bridge by High on Fire

4:45am: Sichert die volks gemeinschaft by Drooler

4:48am: Valen by Fallen

4:54am: Into the Timewastes by Deathhammer

4:55am: Deathhammer by Deathhammer

5:00am: Saucy Young Lady by Aunt Worm

5:04am: Boot Cut by the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

5:14am: White Tomb by Altar of Plaguls

5:29am: Enter Featherless by Eagle Twin

5:31am: 3rd Generation Nation by the Dead Boys

5:41am: Pay the price by Attitude Adjustment

5:41am: Pay the price by Bootie

5:42am: Smells Like Billie Jean by Bootie

5:43am: Crush The Industry by Dethklok

5:48am: Leviathan by Leviathan

5:52am: Skullz n Tanx by Knife Thruhead

5:53am: Set Your Dick On Fire by Knife Thruhead

5:57am: Ulvetid by Kuelertoh

5:57am: Mjod by Kuelertoh

6:02am: Terrorbird by Punisher & Author

6:05am: Mary Jane For President by M.D.C.

6:07am: Polizia Controlla by Embrace the Kill

6:11am: Speed Queen by Enforcer

6:17am: Thoughts Like Hammers by Enslaved

6:33am: Into the lair of the Sun God by Dawnbringer

6:34am: Homegrown by Lynyrd Skynyrd

6:41am: KRANK by KMFDM

6:42am: intro by A Day To Remember

6:43am: Heartless by A Day To Remember

6:48am: Fear Of The Dark by Iron Maiden

6:52am: Give Them Rope by Coalesce

6:56am: Have Patience by Coalesce

6:57am: One On The Ground by Coalesce

7:00am: Slippin the Srealth by Goatsnake

7:01am: Dnnocent by Goatsnake

7:09am: Funeral Wedding by Katatonia

7:15am: Metal Titans by Lair of the Minotaur

7:16am: Blood from the Witches Vein by Lair of the Minotaur

7:20am: We Are Hades by Lair of the Minotaur

7:24am: Death March of the Conquerors by Lair of the Minotaur

7:29am: the Arcadia Order by Heavenwood

7:36am: Moring Glory Clouds by Heavenwood

7:37am: Goddess Presiding Over Solitude by Heavenwood

7:54am: Loss Of Will by Heavenwood

Originally conceived by KUSF DJs Ron Quintana, Ian Kallen & Howie Klein,
RAMPAGE RADIO has been assaulting the airwaves with metal and other noise on a weekly basis ever since its official birth on Sunday, March 6th, 1982.

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