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Rampage Radio 6/9/13 2am-8am The Prophet Of Doom with Ron Quintana on Radio

Sunday, June 9


Rampage Radio 6/9/13 2am-8am
Your hosts: The Prophet Of Doom with Ron Quintana


“Man, n. An animal so lost in rapturous contemplation of what he thinks he is as to overlook what he indubitably ought to be. His chief occupation is extermination of other animals and his own species, which, however, multiplies with such insistent rapidity as to infest the whole habitable earth and Canada.”

Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here:
OR Here:

1:59am: intro Rampage Radio aircheck from Jan 23.1983 Ian Kallen & Ron Quintana

2:07am: Master Of The Chains by Sorcery

2:14am: Life Sentence by Satan

2:16am: Too Late To Be A Hero by Legend

2:21am: Hermitage by Manilla Road

2:33am: Eyes Of Zamiel by Demon Lung

2:40am: Turn Your Head Around by Midnight Chaser

2:45am: The Childe And The Clowne by Owl

2:46am: Black Metal by Venom

2:48am: Exalted Hate by Deiphago

2:49am: Blind Bleeding the Blind by Carcass

2:55am: Schizianity by Bathory

3:02am: Countess Bathory by Venom

3:06am: Death Certificate by Carcass

3:11am: Nine As Ego by Aosoth

3:15am: Plague and Satan Triumphant by Deiphago

3:19am: Merciless Death by Dark Angel

3:21am: \”death metal song\” by Excommunion

3:29am: Nocturnal Slayer by Blasphemy

3:34am: Desperate Soul by Cemetary

3:35am: Bloodpainted Salvation by Ulcer

3:39am: Destiny by Decapitated

3:45am: Unhallowed by Dissection

3:52am: Warriors Of Iron and Rust by Usurper

3:57am: Sex Mammoth by Fudge Tunnel

4:03am: Stigmata by Benediction

4:09am: Retaliation (Fallout Prayer) by Revenge

4:12am: The Iron Witch by Scythe

4:20am: Slaves Of Pain by Sepultura

4:21am: Verschleiertre Irreligiositat by Bethlehem

4:27am: Age Of Decimation by Conqueror

4:30am: Master Enslaver by Diocletian

4:35am: With Veins Wide Open by Setherial

4:41am: The Last Slaughter by Sarcofago

4:44am: When Mankind Falls by Temple Of Baal

4:50am: Ageless Reign by Malignant Christ

4:55am: Chalice Of Blood by Forbidden

5:04am: Prophets Curse by Aosoth

5:10am: This Graveyard Earth by Benediction

5:20am: Brutal Legions Of Apocalypse by Martire

5:23am: Blasphemy by Ritual

5:33am: Bestial Devastation by SEPULTURA

5:41am: Skull Beneath The Skin by Ghoul

5:44am: Praised Darkness by Amystery

5:49am: The Second Crowning by Ritualization

5:53am: Wall Of Water by Mayhem

6:03am: Hammer Of Antichrist by Conqueror

6:06am: Tyrannical Stranglehold by Scythe

6:13am: From The Past Comes The Storms by Sepultura

6:16am: Forgotten Existence by Bolt Thrower

6:21am: Heresy Forever Enthroned by Temple Of Baal

6:30am: De Vermis Mysteriis by Azaghal

6:36am: Immortalidad Diabolica by Morbosidad

6:40am: Psychological Warfare by Bolt Thrower

6:44am: Baphomet Throne Exaltation by Black Witchery

6:48am: Necrocifixion by Embalmed

6:49am: Profane Creation by Bolt Thrower

6:50am: Path To

6:51am: Profane Creation by Bolt Thrower

7:05am: The Devil Speaks In Tongues by Ritualization

7:08am: Sepulchural Witchcraft by Black Witchery

7:10am: All Paths To God by Kreig

7:15am: Destructive Infinity by Bolt Thrower

7:20am: Dethroned Emperor by CELTIC FROST

7:24am: The Cemetary\’s Full by Deceased

7:27am: Moon by Mortuary Drape

7:32am: Deathcrowned by Graveyard

7:39am: World Eater by Bolt Thrower

7:40am: Church Of Agony by Horrid

7:46am: Morbid Goat Fornicator by Morbid Goat Fornicator

7:52am: Praise Fallen Souls by Necroslut

7:56am: Behind Enemy Lines by Bolt Thrower

Originally conceived by KUSF DJs Ron Quintana, Ian Kallen & Howie Klein,
RAMPAGE RADIO has been assaulting the airwaves with metal and other noise on a weekly basis ever since its official birth on Sunday, March 6th, 1982.


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