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Rampage Radio 7/7/13 2am-8am with Rev. Boom King on Radio

Sunday, July 7


Rampage Radio 7/7/13 2am-8am with Rev. Boom King


“Dawn: When men of reason go to bed.”

Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here:
OR Here:

2:17am: i ejaculate fire by dethklok

2:20am: the destroyers of all by ulcerate

2:23am: wheel of fortune by pentagram

2:25am: days grow cold by eary graves

2:25am: days grow cold by early graves

2:26am: triple threat mix by insane clown posse

2:27am: Oddfellows by Tomahawk

2:28am: the toxic waltz by Exodus

2:29am: Legs. dance mix by ZZ Top

2:36am: ad a dglgmut by Between the Buried

2:46am: Holy Mountain by Sleep

2:49am: Infestissumam by Ghost B.C.

2:54am: Reponh by Graid

2:55am: Voivod by Voivod

3:04am: the Ballad of Solomon Eagle by Orange Goblin

3:08am: The Hurt That Finds You First by Meshuggah

3:20am: return to normal schedule.

3:22am: The Number Of The Beast by Iron Maiden

3:22am: Hallowed Be My Name by Iron Maiden

3:28am: The Major by Blitzenhamer

3:31am: Doctor of Destuction by Blitzenhamer

3:35am: 13 Candles Of Doom by Bathory

3:41am: Repetition by Helmet

3:44am: The Menin Road by Inverloch

3:52am: Eat Your Heart Out by Kiss

3:53am: Hot Mess by Hot Mess

4:02am: Iron Horse/Born To Lose by Motorhead

4:06am: In Search Of by Fu Manchu

4:08am: I Unleash The Red by Him

4:10am: Sweet Baby Arrogance by Electric Frankenstein

4:11am: Death Alive by the Secret

4:12am: Double Slaughter by the Secret

4:14am: In A Belly Of A Shark by Gallows

4:18am: Trap Them by Darker Handcraft

4:20am: In The Camouflage by Hank 3

4:24am: Takin Back the Country by Hank Willams jr

4:25am: Im Gonna Get Drunk and Play Hank Williams by Hawk Willams jr

4:31am: the Cowboy Song by Thin Lizzy

4:32am: Johnny the Fox Meets Jimmy the Weed by Thin Lizzy

4:40am: Der Zanberer by Der Zanberer

4:53am: Parsons Curse by Royal Thunder

5:00am: Waidmanns by Rammstein from Liede Ist Fur da

5:03am: Into The Ground by Pentagram from Liede Ist Fur da

5:06am: An Invisible Thread by Rwake

5:15am: Leonard Rising of the Whip by Satans Wrath

5:20am: Native Blood by Testament

5:29am: Two Hunters by Wolves In The Throne Room

5:32am: Ashland Bump by John 5

5:41am: Stepping Stone by Jimi Hendrix

5:44am: Big Church by Sunn

5:56am: Can You Feel My Heart by Sempitern

5:56am: More Beer by Fear

6:01am: Thunderbrid by Quiet Roit

6:04am: Inside My Head by Minor Threat

6:15am: the Arcadia Order by Heavenwood

6:15am: As Hammer to Anvil by exhumed

6:16am: Roadcrew by Motorhead

6:18am: Let It Burn by Stinker

6:22am: You Are The Fool by the Idiots

6:22am: Japans Girls Are Punk Rock by the Idiots

6:25am: Your A Idiot by the Idiots

6:27am: Don King by the Idiots

6:29am: burn Out by the Idiots

6:35am: Black Metal by Venom

6:39am: Thrasher by Cavalera Conspiracy

6:43am: Better by Citizen Fish

6:44am: They re Watching You by Mouth Sewn Shut

6:52am: Cut that Rug by Mouth Sewn Shut

6:53am: Cut that Rug by Meat Sluts

6:53am: My Baby is a Ding Dong by Meat Sluts

7:02am: Iron Drunk by Pig Destroyer

7:02am: Skank Yank by Meat Sluts

7:02am: Dead Meat by Meat Sluts

7:07am: Hot Mess by Hot Mess

7:09am: Metal Gods by judas priest

7:13am: Boris by Melvins

7:22am: Blood Fades To Black by Wednesday 13

7:23am: Jihad by Slayer

Originally conceived by KUSF DJs Ron Quintana, Ian Kallen & Howie Klein,
RAMPAGE RADIO has been assaulting the airwaves with metal and other noise on a weekly basis ever since its official birth on Sunday, March 6th, 1982.

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