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Rampage Radio 8/11/13 “The Loren & Zoran Show” with Loren & Theemighty Zee on Radio

Sunday, August 11


Rampage Radio 8/11/13 “The Loren & Zoran Show”
with Loren & Theemighty Zee


“The world, that understandable and lawful world, was slipping away. Once there was this and that; and now – and the ship had gone.”

Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here:
OR Here:


2:10am: Procreation Of The Wicked by Celtic Frost

2:18am: Cydonian Enigmas/Berzerker by Apocryphon

2:23am: Captive Bolt Pistol by Carcass

2:30am: Impotent Greed by Fabricant

2:31am: We Die by Witches Mark

2:41am: Summon The Faithless by Lord Dying

2:48am: Elegy by Fleshgod Apocalypse

2:51am: A Far Cry From Freedom by Kinnefret

2:57am: At The Liquor Store by Necroveck

3:02am: For The Love Of Satan by Satan’s Host

3:09am: Death As Liberation by Black Oath

3:21am: Scion Of Infinity by Funeral Circle

3:26am: Dawn Of Ages by Unleash The Archers

3:31am: Blinded No More (live) by Sonata Arctica

3:35am: Kill With Power by Manowar

3:43am: 20,000 Ft. by Saxon

3:48am: Metal Machine by U.D.O.

3:52am: Butterflies by Trouble

3:55am: Voracious Souls by Death Angel

4:08am: Enforcer by Excel

4:09am: Depths Of Depravity by Suffocation

4:18am: Murders In The Rue Morgue (live Milwaukee, 6/26/81) by Iron Maiden

4:19am: Blending In by Slough Feg

4:30am: Don’t Talk To Strangers (live in Philly ’86) by Dio

4:37am: Stargazer (live) by Earthen Grave

4:43am: Forsaken Deity by Fueled By Fire

4:53am: Mistreated (live Europe ’75) by Deep Purple

5:05am: Tyger Bay by Tygers Of Pan Tang

5:09am: Struck By Lightning by Tank

5:20am: Stained Class by Judas Priest

5:22am: Burning Saviour by Pentagram

5:33am: Satan’s Serenade by Quartz

5:46am: Caesar LXXI by Sir Lord Baltimore

5:48am: Gypsy Ball by Blue Cheer

5:54am: Wicked World by Black Sabbath

5:58am: It’s Only Money by Thin Lizzy

6:01am: Twice Removed From Yesterday (Guitar Bandit bootleg) by Robin Trower

6:05am: I Don’t Want Nobody by Randy California

6:17am: Better By You, Better Than Me by Armaggedon

6:21am: Living With The Dying by Night Sun

6:26am: Self Made Suicide by E.F. Band

6:32am: Homicidal Suicidal by Budgie

6:40am: For Mad Men Only by May Blitz

6:47am: Fantasy by Captain Beyond

6:50am: Outerspace Connection by Nazca Line

6:56am: Castle Of Night by Wizard

7:03am: Get Ahead by Wanka

7:14am: Sundown by Electric Sun

7:17am: This Is My Song by Scorpions

7:21am: War by Gravestone

7:34am: A Diff’rent Town, A Diff’rent Sweetheart by Sam Dice

7:35am: The Hangman by Picture

7:40am: Firefall by 220 Volt

7:46am: Killed By Death (live) by Motorhead

7:48am: I Turned Into A Martian by The Misfits

7:53am: Cemeterysexxx by Doyle

8:00am: Hallowed Be Thy Name by Solitude Aeturnus

Originally conceived by KUSF DJs Ron Quintana, Ian Kallen & Howie Klein,
RAMPAGE RADIO has been assaulting the airwaves with metal and other noise on a weekly basis ever since its official birth on Sunday, March 6th, 1982.

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