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Sunday, September 15


Rampage Radio 9/15/13 with Loren


“Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
Because their words had forked no lightning they
Do not go gentle into that good night”

Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here:
OR Here:

Venom-Welcome To Hell
Saxon-Warriors Of The Road
Iron Man-In The Velvet Darkness
Lord Dying-Summon The Faithless
Ramming Speed-Grinding Dissent
Black Sabbath-Disturbing The Priest
Kadavar-Eye Of The Storm
Acid King-Drive Fast, Take Chances
Master-Another Suicide
Cultes Des Ghoules-The Covenant And The Sacrifice
Mox Nix-Kill Or Be Killed
The Mezmerist-Dead Ones Cry No More
Owl-Pathway Of Pan/Snake-Eyed Goblin Woman
Bloodrock-Wicked Truth
Powerwolf-Lust For Blood
Argus-The Hands Of Time Are Bleeding
Nigel Pepper Cock-Merlin And Yolanda
Jag Panzer-Metal Melts The Ice
Age Of Taurus-Desperate Souls Of Tortured Times
Dust-From A Dry Camel
Rainbow-The Shed (Subtle)
Deep Purple-Hard Lovin’ Man (live, Sounds of the ’70s, BBC, April ’70)
Black Cat Bones-Save My Love
Macabre (Pentagram)-Lazy Lady
Flying Hat Band-Coming Of The Lord
Unknown Studio Group-Crazy Horses (from 12 Hits Volume 4 on Stereo Gold Award)
The Hook-Son Of Fantasy II
Soft White Underbelly-Donovan’s Monkey (Columbia demo 9/11/69 pre-Blue Oyster Cult)
A Foot In Coldwater-How Much Can You Take
JPT Scare Band-Sleeping Sickness
Rhapsody-I’ve Done All I Can
Captain Beyond-Stone Free (Live in Texas 10/6/73)
Electric Food-Whole Lotta Love
Thin Lizzy-The Pressure Will Blow (live Lyon, France 3/2/82)
Horsepower-Highway Robbery
Gaskin-No Way Out
Night Demon-Ancient Evil
Satan-Twenty Five Twenty Five
Raven Black Night-If You Choose The Dark
Manilla Road-Avatar
Witchkiller-Day Of The Saxons
Trouble-Pray For The Dead
Anvil Chorus-Deadly Weapons
Heathen-Control By Chaos
Ulysses Siren-The Resurrection
Angel Witch-Extermination Day
Legend-Taste Of Life (new version)
Christopher Lee-Charles The Great
Carcass-The Granulating Dark Satanic Mills
Manowar-Gates Of Valhalla

Originally conceived by KUSF DJs Ron Quintana, Ian Kallen & Howie Klein, RAMPAGE RADIO has been assaulting the airwaves with metal and other noise on a weekly basis ever since its official birth on Sunday, March 6th, 1982.

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