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Saint Patricks Day Massacre – Rampage Radio 3/17/13 2am-8am-Loren O’KUSF, DJ, McSwamplord, Prophet O’Doom & The Last Angry McManny

Sunday, March 17


Saint Patricks Day Massacre – Rampage Radio 3/17/13 2am-8am-Loren O’KUSF, DJ, McSwamplord, Prophet O’Doom & The Last Angry McManny


“Are you out there?”

March 2013 is RAMPAGE RADIO’s 31st Anniversary, celebrate with us all month on Radio Valencia! Click “stream” to re-live the insanity … Feel the insomnia!

This weeks episode is dedicated to our glorious Irish metal heritage and the late, great Iron Maiden drummer Clive Burr (3/8/57 – 3/12/13)

Happy Birthdays to Steve Harris 3/12, Scott Gorham 3/17 & Ron Quintana 3/16!

Your hosts were Loren O’KUSF, DJ McSwamplord, Prophet O’Doom & The Last Angry McManny

Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here:

2:14am: Roisin Dubh (Black Rose): A Rock Legend by Thin Lizzy

2:18am: The Ides Of March by Iron Maiden

2:20am: Wrathchild (Bruce Dickinson Audition Sept. 1981) by Iron Maiden

2:21am: Eye of the Storm by Destroyer

2:21am: The Raid/The Ripper by Sweet Savage

2:33am: Invisible by Dio

2:46am: Killing Time (live 11/4/98 Roseland, NY) by Metallica

2:47am: Llagaeran by Elixir

2:52am: It Almost Looked Human by Mourning Beloveth

2:58am: Hollywood (Down on Your Luck) by Sound Barrier

3:07am: Cardboard City by Skyclad

3:11am: A Window of Madness by Mael Mordha

3:17am: Skellington Crew by Gama Bomb

3:20am: Stone of Remembrance by Gallowbraid

3:36am: Eater of Words, Devourer of Time by Abaddon Incarnate

3:37am: The Morrigan by Darkest Era

3:43am: Reappearance by Morrigan

3:52am: Failures Burden by Primordial

4:00am: Return From Chaos by Bolt Thrower

4:04am: Pinnacle Of Bedlam by Suffocation

4:08am: Reckoning Day by Megadeth

4:12am: Hallowed Be Thy Name by Iron Maiden

4:21am: Kreator by Command Of The Blade

4:25am: Conqueror by BloodHammer

4:31am: Judgement Of Will by Master

4:33am: Shrieks From The Hearse by Deceased

4:37am: Beast Raping by Vader

4:42am: Christ’s Death by Sarcofago

4:45am: Horns by 1349

4:51am: Submit To Satan by Carpathian Forest

4:55am: Enraptured by Defiled

4:56am: Is God Worthy Of You? by Horrid

5:05am: Iron Maiden Drum Solo Tokyo 1982 by Iron Maiden w/ Clive Burr

5:11am: I’ve Got The Fire (live, Marquee 1980) by Iron Maiden

5:15am: Murders in the Rue Morgue (Live in London 1982) by Iron Maiden w/ Clive Burr

5:20am: Another Life (Live) by Iron Maiden w/ Clive Burr

5:26am: Total Eclipse by Iron Maiden

5:30am: Beer Beer Beer by Clancy Bros.

5:35am: All Together Again by Elixir

5:37am: Bugger Off by ?

5:40am: Living in a F****** Time Warp by Gogmagog

5:44am: Whiskey in the Jar by ?

5:47am: Top of the Mountain by Escape w/ Clive Burr

5:49am: The Prisoner (Live) by Iron Maiden

5:54am: Number of the Beast (Drums & Vocals only) by Iron Maiden

5:59am: There’s No Angels Here by Desperado

6:00am: Gone Bad by Desperado

6:02am: Clive Burr on Stage (Brixton 2002) by Iron Maiden w/ Clive Burr

6:11am: Top of the Mountain by Praying Mantis

6:12am: Cheated by Praying Mantis

6:14am: News Blooper

6:15am: Top of the Mountain by Praying Mantis

6:22am: Uptown Martyrs by Trust

6:30am: Beer Drinkers And Hell Raisers by Motorhead

6:31am: Hard Headed Ways by Mama’s Boys

6:38am: Bad Reputation by Phantom Blue

6:38am: The Visitors Are Here by Rock Goddess

6:42am: Furniture Fire by Girlschool

6:45am: Teenage Kicks by Undertones

6:52am: Daddy Rolling Stone by Johnny Thunders

6:55am: Fanatical Fascists by Gary Moore

6:56am: New Faces, Old Places by Skid Row

6:58am: Night Of The Warm Witch (45 version) by Skid Row

7:05am: Mad Dog Woman (live at the Whisky, LA 8/5/70) by Skid Row

7:10am: Desperado by Colosseum II

7:15am: Benedict’s Cherry Wine by Slammer

7:21am: Same Old Story by Taste

7:26am: Black Night by Funky Junction

7:29am: Baby Face by Thin Lizzy

7:35am: Things Ain’t Working Out Down At The Farm (BBC \’73) by Thin Lizzy

7:42am: Philomena by Thin Lizzy

7:45am: Freedom Song by Thin Lizzy

7:50am: The Pangs Of Ulster by Slough Feg

7:53am: Brave Connor Mac by Slough Feg

8:02am: The Wickerman by Slough Feg

8:03am: Gotta Get Away by Stiff Little Fingers

Originally conceived by KUSF DJs Ron Quintana, Ian Kallen & Howie Klein, RAMPAGE RADIO has been assaulting the airwaves with metal and other noise on a weekly basis ever since its official birth on Sunday, March 6th, 1982

Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here: 
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