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Rock ‘n Roll Station – Lonesome Train Dreams

Thursday, May 2

Noh Mercy - Noh Mercy - 2012

This week Rock ‘n Roll Station shines a spotlight on San Francisco’s own Superior Viaduct label, featuring new and upcoming archival reissues by the likes of Monitor, Factrix, MX-80 Sound, Henry Flynt, and everyone’s favorite 1970s Italian experimental composers collective, Gruppo Di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza. We also delve into classic rock, folk and pop from the Incredible String Band, Big Star, Unrest, Television, Suzanne Vega and more.

Rock ‘n Roll Station airs each Thursday morning from 8:00 to 10:00 AM, bringing you two hours of free-form programming in the classic spirit of 1960s underground radio.
It’s the music of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Hosted by Ferrara Brain Pan.

Rock 'n Roll Station - Version 2

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The playlist gives artist name, song title, and album title (in that order). A space between lines of text indicates the break between sets where track announcements were made.

Playlist for Rock ‘n Roll Station – 02 May 2013

  • Henry Flynt – Lonesome Train Dreams – Graduation And Other New Country And Blues Music
  • Amy Curl – The Robin’s Tiny Throat – Not Alone (Compilation)
  • Unrest – Cherry Cream On – Imperial F.F.R.R. (Teenbeat Deluxe Edition)
  • The Haxan Cloak – The Drop – Excavation
  • Big Star – The Ballad Of El Goodo – #1 Record / Radio City: #1 Record
  • Noh Mercy – My Wild Love – Noh Mercy
  • MX-80 Sound – Checkmate – Hard Attack
  • Monitor – We Get Messages / Pavilion – Monitor
  • Gruppo Di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza – Omaggio A Giacinto Scelsi – Musica Su Schemi
  • Factrix – Eerie Lights – Scheintot
  • Henry Flynt – No Right – Graduation And Other New Country And Blues Music
  • Suzanne Vega – Bound – Close-Up, Vol. 1: Love Songs (Deluxe Edition)
  • Television – Days – Adventure
  • Lisa Germano – Of Love And Colors – Geek The Girl
  • Twink – Tiptoe On The Highest Hill – Think Pink
  • The Incredible String Band – I Know You – U
  • Procol Harum – Pilgrim’s Progress – A Salty Dog


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