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Rock ‘n Roll Station – A Thousand Water Craters On The Sea

Thursday, March 20

Nico - The Frozen Borderline (1968-1970) - 2007
The present installment of Rock ‘n Roll Station is entirely devoted to music by female vocal artists, ranging from ambient/ethereal to indie and traditional folk to adult contemporary and pop to contemporary classical to classic rock. Featured artists include Linda Perhacs, Julie Driscoll, Shirley Collins, Tracey Thorn, Heidi Berry, Goldfrapp, Nico, Meredith Monk and many more besides…

Rock ‘n Roll Station airs each Thursday morning from 8:00 to 10:00 AM, bringing you two hours of free-form programming in the classic spirit of 1960s underground radio.
It’s the music of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Hosted by Ferrara Brain Pan.

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The playlist gives artist name, song title, and album title (in that order). A space between lines of text indicates the break between sets where track announcements were made.

Playlist for Rock ‘n Roll Station – 20 March 2014

  • Maja Elliott – Echo / Echo Craters / A Thousand Water Craters On The Sea – A Thousand Water Craters On The Sea
  • Sandy Denny – Solo – The Best Of Sandy Denny
  • Clodagh Simonds – The Glacial Lake – Not Alone (Compilation)
  • Agnes Buen Garnas & Jan Garbarek – Venelite – Rosensfole
  • Shirley & Dolly Collins – Death And The Lady – Love, Death And The Lady
  • Jane Wiedlin – Paper Heart – Tangled
  • A Bad Diana – Mother – The Lights Are On But No One’s Home
  • Marianne Faithfull – The Stars Line Up – A Secret Life
  • Lisa Gerrard – Space Weaver – The Silver Tree
  • Goldfrapp – Ulla – Tales Of Us
  • Linda Perhacs – Chimacum Rain – Parallelograms
  • Lisa Germano – Cry Wolf – Geek The Girl
  • Nico – Ari’s Song – The Frozen Borderline (1968-1970): The Marble Index
  • Kirsten Braten Berg – Heiemo Og Nykkjen (Heiemo And The Water Sprite) – Wizard Women Of The North (Compilation)
  • Suzanne Vega – Portrait Of The Knight Of Wands – Tales From The Realm Of The Queen Of Pentacles
  • Jane Siberry & K.D. Lang – Calling All Angels – Until The End Of The World (Original Soundtrack)
  • Anne Briggs – Blackwater Side – A Collection
  • Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger And The Trinity – When I Was A Young Girl – Streetnoise
  • Tracey Thorn – Seascape – A Distant Shore
  • Meredith Monk – Madwoman’s Vision – Book Of Days
  • Heidi Berry – Lily – Love
  • Lizzy Mercier Descloux – The Long Goodbye – Suspense


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