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10pm Monday -Bay Area Babes on Sex

March 4, 2019
6:27 pm

The Bay Area is full of babes, and a few drop in tonight to Sex Cels for a laid back chat.

Tune in tonight at 10pm to join local performers Red Bettie and Selena Biels talk about the sex in our culture and the culture in our sex

Bay Area Boy Babe, Wolf, will also be back in the studio with us. You can join in our conversation. Just log into the Chatterbox on our front page to ask questions, make comments, or just tell us what is on your mind.

See you tonight at 10pm on Sex Cels on Radio Valencia!

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Making Fun

February 25, 2019
7:35 pm

10pm Monday –

Toys can be fun. Making your own toys can add to that fun. Wolf shows us toys he’s made and talks about his process in making, and playing, with his creations.

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Living Positive – 10pm Monday Night

February 18, 2019
5:47 pm

Monday 2_18 at 10pm on Sex Cels

An HIV diagnosis doesn’t mean the same thing it did a few decades ago. PReP, vaccines, HIV cocktails, have all improved the prognosis of those who have contracted the virus to the point where the virus is nearly undetectable in most people who have it.
This weeks featured guest was just recently recently diagnosed positive for HIV. She is going to share with us her experiences, the changes in her life, what is to come, and what it means to keep positive when diagnosed positive.

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To Men 2! 10pm Monday.

February 4, 2019
5:45 pm

10pm Monday on Sex Cels –

The men are back! Last week, we were just getting warmed up. The men take over the conversation and talk about whats on their minds and in their hearts.

What makes a man a “Man” varies place to place, culture to culture. And in an age where the internet brings together the corners of the world and cultures meet and clash, the definitions of Manhood and Masculinity are in an ardent evolution.

Toxic masculinity, call out culture, #MeToo, #NoHomo, bro-hugs, man bags, lumberjack beards – what is being “A Man” today? Tonight, men come together to discuss what is it like to navigate the fast changing and often turbulent landscape of modern masculinity.

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Sex of Future Past – 2019

January 7, 2019
7:44 pm

Emma Shadows and Shannon from the film review site Lewtonbus will be just a couple of the possible guests to drop in to tonights Sex Cels as we look back at some of the important topics of 2018 and what is hot and heavy going into 2019.

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Sex Cels

December 17, 2018
7:59 pm



The last Sex Cels of 2018 is here, and I have some special guests.


Emma Shadows and Alex Schoenfeldt are a 24/7, D/S, Big/Little couple. They also have been in adult films and won Best Acting and Best Film for Briefs. Alex is the founder, along with his wife, of And Emma Shadows contributes to the production of several sexy parties, such as Essence, Love Triangle, and throws several private party events.


They join Sex Cels tonight to share their stories and their expertise, for our last, very special episode of 2018

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Sex in the VIP

December 10, 2018
8:06 pm

Fellow bartender and aficionado of the naughty joins me for drinks and tales of things bartenders have seen (and possibly done) in Sex Cels VIP Room.

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Girl Talk – Don’t Figging Put That There!

December 3, 2018
8:00 pm


Roxie Roads drops by for some girl talk about what women use, and shouldn’t use, on and in their body.

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The Monster and The Virgin

October 29, 2018
8:29 pm











Tis the season of horror. And tonight, along with Shannon E. Hubbell from the movie site Lewton Bus ,we discuss the classic horror movie pairing – SEX AND MONSTERS. Who lives, who dies, and who gets laid.

So tune in at 10pm to Sex Cels and explore The Monster and The Virgin.

We love beer and premarital sex!

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Diego Has Toys – 10/15 at 10pm

October 15, 2018
3:45 pm

Diego (DakaDiego on FetLife) designs and builds Party Furniture. He has designed and built a portable Saint Andrews Cross. Spanking Bench, and is working on a pillory stockade.


He has a Violet Wand, ET-312 Fukuoko Gloves, and a massive suitcase full of other special, unique and fun toys!

And Monday night, he will be bringing them into Radio Valencia for us to play with.

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