Sex Cels

Fetish and Fantasy vs Really Real Reality

Thursday, September 19


A woman sits up straight, motionless on the bed, tense, breathing heavy. A dark figure approaches the bed, only wide eyes visible behind the ski mask covering the face. The figures shifts and moves with a twitchiness that betrays it’s own nervousness before swiftly grabbing the woman by the wrist, yanking her upward, then pushing her bodily onto the bed. The woman lets out a brief, sharp yelp.

yragon rape fantasy

The figure in the mask stopped, “Baby? Did I hurt you? Baby, y’okay?”
The woman, unable to restrain herself anymore, giggles. “Baby! You’re ruining it!” she almost whines, as she blushes.
She takes a deep breath and holds it to stifle any more laughter. “Now we have to start over….”

The Rape Fantasy. It is not uncommon among women (or even men, for that matter). But why, as much of our society protests against Rape Culture, would a woman fantasize about such a thing?


“Call me a cunt,” “Call me a dirty whore,” “Tell me I’m a cock hungry bitch.” Why does your feminist lover
want to hear these things when things get hot?

There is a sense of being erotically overwhelmed that comes along with being restrained
– Carol Queen


How come someone so kind, gentle, and even tempered want to be tied and
beaten or to tie up and beat their lover?


What is the difference between our sexual fantasy selves and real life
selves? Can we reconcile the feelings we have in the arms of sexual passion
with our political passions and social personalities? Should we feel guilty?
Or worried we are hiding a dark secret?



One girl wrote me:

“I am mostly submissive, and get off on “dirty talk”[…]

But I find I often battle with my own fetish? I often battle with it because it goes against everything I actually believe. Women should be respected and not treated like sluts. And I KNOW there’s a difference between consensual name calling and what not, but every now and again it irks the crap out of me that I get off on it.

I guess the general idea is how to deal with the guilt/hypocrisy one might feel about their specific fetish?”


Tonight we talk about what fetishes and fantasies mean and, more importantly,
rape fantasy want me more than he can stand                                 what they don’t mean.












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