Shindignation celebrates Memorial Day

Tuesday, May 26


This week we brought out our favorite backyard BBQ delights with two of our favorite labels: Kanine Records out of Brooklyn and Wiener Records, a Burger offshoot, out of Fullerton, CA.

Full playlist available after the jump.


Kanine Tracks

  • Madora by Beverly
  • Met Before by Chairlift
  • Gold and Stone by Eternal Summers
  • A Bell by Expert Alterations
  • Winter Sleep by Leave the Planet
  • Anxiety by Pinact
  • Melatonin by September Girls
  • All I Wanna Do by Splashh
  • Time & Place by Bleeding Rainbow
  • Luna by Fear Of Men
  • Nice Fez by Jen Schande

Wiener Tracks

  • Gold Coast by Southern Gothic
  • Oranges by Kurt Inder
  • Penelope Grazin by Bleed You Out
  • Luxury Mane by Glow
  • My BF Brings Me All My Food by Belly Belt
  • Bones by DARKWING
  • Wizard of Gore by The VampTones
  • He’s a Downer by Person Whale
  • Ice Cream by Wax Witches
  • Owed to the Bank by GYMSHORTS
  • Irrelevant Elephant by MELVOY
  • Hannah by Reverent
  • XO Skeleton by Halley Wojcik
  • Howlin’ At The Moon by Concord America
  • Let’s Get Cookin’ by Clashing Steel
  • Can’t Hang by Top Bunk

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