The Spoils of Autonomy

Thursday, June 20


  • The T Bone Burnett Show




  • 10


















| My Life and The Women Who Lived It (No. 1) (from “Behind The Trap Door”)

| Little Daughter (Instrumental) (from “T Bone Burnett”)

| The Dogs (from “The Alpha Band”)

| Be Careful Of The Stones You Throw (previously unreleased from “Proof Though The Night” re-issue)

| The Larry Sanders Show

| The People’s Limousine (from “The Coward Brothers”)

| The Wild Truth (from “The Talking Animals”)

| Earlier Bagdad (The Bounce) (from “The True False Identity”)

Jonestown Elementary (Tremonica) (from “A Place at The Table”)

| God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (from “Acoustic Christmas”)

| Little Daughter (from “T Bone Burnett”)

| Sweet Lullaby (from “Tooth of Crime”)

| Mississippi Delta (from “A Place at The Table”)

| Hula Hoop (from “Twenty Twenty : The Essential T Bone Burnett”)

| Hollywood Mecca Of The Movies  (from “The True False Identity”)

| Humans From Earth (from “Until The End Of The World”)

| Anything I Say Can and Will Be Used Against You (from “Tooth of Crime”)

| River Of Love (Live @ Bluebird Cafe)

| KrOB :: San Francisco

| Born In Captivity (from “Spark In The Dark”)

| (intro to….) 

| Fatally Beautiful (from “Proof Through The Night”)

| Food Desserts (from “A Place at The Table”)

| Telepresence [Make the Metal Scream] (from “Tooth of Crime”)

| Purple Heart (from “The Talking Animals”)

| An Acquired Past  (from “The True False Identity”)

| Time (from “T Bone Burnett”)

| The Sixties (from “Proof Through The Night”)

| Madison Avenue (from “Truth Decay”)

| I Do Exist (from “A Place at The Table”)

| A Ridiculous Man (from “Trap Door”)

| The Strange Case Of Frank Cash and The Morning Paper (from “The Talking Animals”)

| Song To A Dead Man (from “T Bone Burnett”)

| They’ll Never Take Her Love From Me (from “The Coward Brothers”)

| Shut It Tight (from “Proof Through The Night”)

| Driving Wheel (from “Truth Decay”)

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