The Stranded Playlist

MY NEW RADIO SHOW #TheStrandedPlaylist DEBUTS TONIGHT @ 6-8pm PST!

Thursday, May 4

MY NEW RADIO SHOW #TheStrandedPlaylist DEBUTS TONIGHT @ 6-8pm PST!

Please check out my unique, eclectic & interactive new radio program ‘The Stranded Playlist’ debuting TONIGHT from 6-8pm PST where most of the music that you’ll hear derives from YOU, the listener!
What is ‘The Stranded Playlist’?
Here’s the concept:
What songs would you have on an essential song playlist on your device if you were stranded somewhere alone in a remote location where’s there’s no internet connection to listen to any other music?
A remote place somewhere far away from civilization maybe, a desert island or faraway part of the world perhaps?
If you’d like to send me your ‘Stranded Playlist’ for airplay on a future show, select 3 songs any genre, era  or style with a sentence or two about what each song means to you & why you selected it and email it to me at:
marcomiddlesex@gmail & I will spin your playlist & give you a shoutout on air!
So tell me, what’s on your ‘Stranded Playlist’?
Also, please check out & ‘like’ my show page on Facebook, here’s the link:
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