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TOACM Radio! Thoughts of a Common Man Radio – Guest: Leo Sosa of MEDA

Tuesday, November 8

11/8 – TODAY’S GUEST Leo Sosa and Chris Gil of Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA) talks about closing the digital divide and the need for diversity in the tech world.

San Francisco’s Mission District used to be a supportive place for low-income and immigrant Latinos. It’s now one of the most unaffordable neighborhoods in the country. As a result, 8,000 Latinos have been forced from their homes since the year 2000. MEDA is using its 40+ years of experience to rebuild this community and help Latinos and others access economic opportunities. This is a community effort. We are investing in people.

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Songs played during the show:

Been Around the World – Brian Culbertson

Back to Your Heart – Lindsey Webster

Addicted – Quinn Lewis

Palms – Tay Salem

Vente Pa’ Ca – Ricky Martin/Maluma

Audio clip of testimony from MEDA graduate, Jordan Wood

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