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Thoughts after 23 episodes

Well, after all this time (starting in december of 2017) it guess it’s time to address the greater audience after half a year of regular radio shows.

To summarize, it’s been exhausting. I’m still maintaining the old school way of DJ-ing. Carrying down LPs, 45’s, CDS, eschewing most digital devices. And with the quirkiness of some of the equipment, it can be challenging. If I ever do a mass digitization of my media, then maybe I will convert, but I find myself resistant to doing that.

A bit of history, being an old guy, I did college radio in the dark pre-internet age era in the 80’s Mostly at KDVS in Davis, simultaneously I also did radio on KFJC in Los Altos hills while¬† back in the peninsula for summer and after college. I stopped this definitively after moving to SF in 1989. And from there got more into playing music and working at Maximum rock and roll. My only radio then was a couple of guest spots on the Max RnR radio show before they were kicked off KPFA in Berkeley.

My bread and butter back then was indie rock/punk rock of the day with healthy samplings of Nuggets-era garage and psych and the usual “college rock. I also “dabbled” in being a punk rock record collector though I never the ingenuity, drive or resources to commit fully.

After I stopped playing music in SF I stopped all music related activities for about 12 years (I told you I was old). Only to come back in the 2000’s and again slog thought the live music experience and with the return of the vinyl resurgence (just in time) for me to get into increasing my vinyl collection by leaps and bounds.

With various life changes I found myself in 2017 with a fair amount of time and checked out radio valencia, I had known about the station via friends who were guests or DJ’s on the station.

Lo and behold, after training they offered me an evening slot, couldn’t turn that down could I?

I wanted to explore some other music and did it in the only way i know how via records that I find and mostly “in the wild” not so much in the internet. The recent resurgence in reissues especially obscure ones have been great, Especially music from non-western countries. I’ve been hunting down forgotten 45’s it can be pop, funk, soul, whatever catches my ear. I”m a little overfamiliar with the indie wave that came in the 70’s. 80’s and 90’s and those seems to be picked clean and these days don’t pique my interest

So my playlists consists of old standbys (power pop, paisley underground, garage, psych) with new interests (funk, could, top 40 stuff, international, etc.). Just a reflection of where my interests lie.

And the question that comes up now is with everyone having access to the universal jukebox (ie: Spotify, Pandora, youtube), is there any need for a radio show? Well with bandwidth access, why not? Isn’t evertything some manner of personal brand? where the personal might or might not align with some kind of mass marketing? Yeah not sure where I’m going with this. But maybe time will tell.

Keep listening to the undergroove search party here on radiovalencia/fm thursdays 8-10p or download/stream at your convenience.

John Fuzz

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