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Welcome to the Video Lounge. Sit down, make yourself uncomfortable, gaze upon the chaos while you listen to Radio Valencia.

Click a thumbnail to play a video, and everyone else in the lounge will see what you played. The power!

Press the "cue" button if you want to preview videos and not send them to everyone else.

And a couple of non-obvious tips: to load a specific youtube video, paste its URL into the search box. And to search a specific Youtube username's favorites, put "user wrybread" or whatever in the search box.

Warning: For some reason Macs have trouble playing multiple YouTube videos simultaneously, I think the ghost of Steve Jobs doesn't like video lounges. But Mac users and people with old computers might want to close any other tabs, especially tabs with Flash content, and/or dumb things down to just 2 videos by clicking here.

Report bugs, I'm sure there are many.

- We B. Beta

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