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Wax! Crackle! Pop! Show #12: B sides the point!

Monday, February 17


We here at W!C!P! are all about records. We like all kinds but, there’s something real special about the beloved 7″ or “45”. Back in the day, artists depended on singles to achieve their way to the top of the charts and later on independent artists relied on the 7″ format to sell at shows (inexpensively) to get their music into our hot little hands.

Every 7″ record has an “A” side that usually contains the “hit” or a song the artist obviously wants you to experience first. But sometimes on the “B” side is where things get interesting. Either labeled as “throwaways” or experimental recordings for particular artists, these tracks would sometimes become a hit themselves or be found deep on an album buried between other non hit songs; OR the assigned “B” side track just remained an orphan of sorts, existing solely beneath “A” territory.

Wax! Crackle! Pop! proudly presents a new series, every other month, where we exclusively investigate the other side, flipping it all over and that’s B SIDES THE POINT.



You Got The Jump On Me by Wizzard from 45 single (1973)
Sweet F.A. by Sweet from 45 single (1975)
Your Application’s Failed by Roxy Music from 45 single (1974)

Fishin’ Pole by The Mighty Hannibal from 45 single (1966)
Over At My Place by Cornelieus Brothers & Sister Rose from 45 single (1971)
Gamblin’ Man by Carl Douglas from 45 single (1974)
Fire Ball by Mercy from 45 single (1969)

East Side Sound by Bob Seger from 45 single (1966)
Roadrunner by The Wailers from 45 single (1959)
Raised Eyebrows by The Feelies from 7″ single (1980)
Twist and Shout by Mo-Dettes from Flexi-disc single (1980)

Save Me by Nina Simone from 45 single (1969)
Hep Squeeze (Party Time) by Mad Dog & The Pups from 45 single (1969)
A Whole Lotta B.S. by Funkadelic from 45 single (1972)
Time Warp by Eddy Grant from 45 single (1982)
Turn Around by Devo from 45 single (1980)

Tearin’ Up The Country by Creedence Clearwater Revival from 45 single (1972)
Gonna Leave A Mark by Crow from 45 single (1970)
All Night Diner by Santo & Johnny from 45 single (1959)
Happy Times by The Box Tops from 45 single (1967)
Trudi by Donovan from 45 single (1969)

I Wish I Could Fly by Three Day Stubble from 7″ single (1992)
Cream Puff War by Wonderama from 7″ single (1989)
The Booker Tease by The Residents from Duck Stab 7″ (1977)
Amusement by Hüsker Dü from 7″ single (1980)
Brainwashed by Flipper from 7″ single (1981)
Song No. 4 by The Soft Boys from 7″ single (1983)

Let’s Get Rid of New York by Randoms from 7″ single (1977)
Cold Rain & Snow by Fire in the Kitchen from 7″ (1991)
I Love You You Big Dummy by Magazine from 7″ single (1978)

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