Wax! Crackle! Pop!

Wax! Crackle! Pop! Show #16: 80’s Los Angeles Repossessed

Monday, March 10


Former LA resident, present musician extraordinaire (Bitterwind), and self-proclaimed music geek, Dana Berry is our special guest as we dive into 1980’s Los Angeles. We make the rounds with some suburban punk, haze-filled snotty garage blasts, back alley (alt-) country, and of course the infamous paisley underground.



Reel Ten by The Plugz from Repo Man soundtrack (1984)
You’re Not Blank by The Dils from Class War (1977/2000)
I’m In Love With Your Mom by VOM from (compilation) Saturday Night Pogo (1978)
Gigantor by The Dickies from Stukas Over Disneyland (1983)
Big Shot (In the Head) by Weirdos from Who? What? When? Where? Why? (1979)
Janitor by Suburban Lawns from Suburban Lawns (1981)
El Clavo y La Cruz by The Plugz from Repo Man soundtrack (1984)

She Don’t Know Why I’m Here by The Last from LA Explosion (1979)
Yellow Pills by 20/20 from 20/20 (1979)
Shaky City by The Plimsouls from Everywhere at Once (1983)
Then She Remembered by The Dream Syndicate from Days of Wine and Roses (1982)
Rawhead by Naked Prey from Under The Blue Marlin (1986)

Bend in the Road by Danny & Dusty from (compilation) Acres for Cents (1987)
Cheap Wine by Green on Red from Gravity Talks (1983)
Wreck of the 809 by The Long Ryders from Native Sons (1984)
Tumbleweed by Tex And The Horseheads from Life’s So Cool (1985)
Positively Lost Me by The Rave-Ups from Town + Country (1985)
When I Go by Divine Weeks from Through and Through (1987)
Trail of Time by The Knitters from Poor Little Critter on the Road (1985)

That’s Your Way Out by The Pandoras from Stop Pretending (1986)
Down to My Room by Thee Fourgiven from It Ain’t Pretty Down Here (1985)
No Matter What by SS 20 from (compilation) Battle of the Garages, Vol 3: The Paisley Underground (1984)
Saturday’s Asylum by The Rain Parade from Emergency Third Rail Power Trip (1983)
Happy Nightmare Baby by Opal from Happy Nightmare Baby (1987)
Perfect Getaway by Bitterwind from Bleak is Beautiful (2013)
Be Married Song by The Pontiac Brothers from Fiesta En La Biblioteca (1986)

Rock N Roll Revolution in the Streets Part One by Miracle Workers from 7″ single (1990)
Pigs In Zen by Jane’s Addiction from Jane’s Addiction (1987)

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