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Wax! Crackle! Pop! Show #25: Hoosier Hysteria

Monday, May 26

Indiana native sons Pat Spurgeon (Rogue Wave) and Bill Cameron (Winechuggers) join former Bloomingtonian DJ Jim G on a three hour (!!!) excursion of Indiana music. Fun anecdotes and trade secrets are shared but, mostly the RAWK is delivered here in this particular geographical study. We drop the needle and many grateful nods on some of the best music to come out of the Bloomington/Indianapolis area (and more), 70’s through the present day.



Can’t Stand the Midwest by Dow Jones and the Industials from Let’s Go Steady! (1980)
Man on the Move by MX-80 Sound from Hard Attack (1977)
Human Garbage Disposal by The Gizmos from Amerika First (1977)
I Like You I Love You by Jorma Whittaker from Jorma (2013)
Me and My Arrow by Sardina from 7″ single (1994)

I Wonder What She’s Like When She’s Sober by The Living Flies from 7″ single (1985)
Can’t Find London by Steve Kowalski from 7″ single (1990)
Dusty’s Diner by Jot from Black Brittle Frisbee (1987)
Smother Party by Chiba Dowa from 7″ single (1992)
Gym Gerrard by The Gynecologists from Bloodstains Across the Midwest (1981/1994)
Cicada Baby by Modern Vending from Black Brittle Frisbee (1987)
Ampthemine Addiction by Zero Boys from Vicious Circle (1982)
Get Down Heels by The Spoon Furies from 7″single (1995)

Back Home Again in Indiana by Errol Garner from A Jazz Piano Anthology (1972)
When Yimmy Yancey was a Young Man by Art Hodes and his Hi-Fivers from 7″ EP (1954)
Bruises by Lisa Germano from Excerpts from A Love Circus (1996)
Alleluia by Odawas from Raven and the White Night (2007)
Peace In The Valley by Marmoset from Today It’s You (1999)
Shine by Antenna from Hideout (1993)
Monkey on Mars by Sardina from 7″ single (1994)
Surf’s Up by Brando from The Adder (2000)
Fun, Fun, Fun by The Lazer Band from When the Manslayer’s Jam (1980)

When the Manslayer’s Jam by The Lazer Band from When the Manslayer’s Jam (1980)
Sun Ra by Dragstrip from 7″single (1997)
I Need It Higher by Zerfas from Love, Peace, and Poetry: American Psychedelic Music (1973/2001)
Molly Melancholy by Jorma Whittaker from Jorma (2003)
Highlight and Marginalia by Japonize Elephants from Secretly Canadian 100th Release (2007)
Farewell Transmission by Songs Ohia from The Magnolia Electric Co. (2003)
Golden Identity by Winechuggers from Thank You All Very Much (2000)

Kaja by Pencil from 7″ single (1993)
Follow the Leader by The Walking Ruins from Live from Bloomington (1989)
Faith Healer by Steve Kowalski from Steve Kowalski’s Army cassette (198?)
Dog Laika by El Nino from 7″ single (1993)
Western World by Social Climbers from Triple 7″ EP (1981)
Pop Doormat by The Dancing Cigarettes from Dancing Cigarettes EP (1981)
Kira by The Mysteries of Life from 7″ single (1994)
Turtle Boy by Stranded at the Drive-In from Stranded at the Drive-In (1996)

Wash Away by Pat Spurgeon from Nine Different Kinds of Gone: A Tribute to Kenny Childers (2012)

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  • waxcracklepop says:

    Hey, I should make mention of another important record label, aside from Secretly Canadian, in which I failed to do so during the broadcast and that’s GULCHER RECORDS! They were one of the first independent labels and zines to feature many Indiana acts in the late 70’s (Gizmos, Social Climbers, even Johnny Cougar’s first 45!) and are still going strong today. Check ’em out:

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