Wax! Crackle! Pop!

Wax! Crackle! Pop! Show #32: References to the sea or 30 years of NZ pop

Tuesday, July 29


Special guest, rockologist, and former KDVS DJ Micah Brenner joins DJ Jim G with presenting TWO hours of sounds from Auckland, Christchurch and Dunedin NEW ZEALAND. This tiny country that lies on the edge of the globe has produced some of the best off kilter indie rock sounds ever. From The Clean to The Chills to Alastair Galbraith to Dadamah and much more!



Sweet Dreams by Split Enz from Second Thoughts (1976)
Crush! by The Tall Dwarfs from Hello Cruel World (1988)
Ambivalence by The Pin Group from Ambivalence (1981/2012)
Alien by Bill Direen and the Builders from 7″ (1991)
New Man by Bailter Space from 7″ (1987)

Crown of Teeth by The Terminals from Last Days of the Sun (2007)
Rebel by Toy Love from Toy Love (1979/2012)
Deep Deep Sea by The Renderers from Measured Strychnine Invitations (2009/2013)
Carousel by Garbage and the Flowers from Catnip 7″ (1992)
Inter Island Ferry by The Cakekitchen from Talkin To Me in My Sleep (1998)
Trepidation by This Kind of Punishment from A Beard of Bees (1984/1993)

Sad Eyed Lady by The Clean from Anthology (1981/2014)
Steinlager (live in Christchurch, NZ) by The Chills from Definitive Music (1981/2001)
Septic Hagfish by Olla from 7″ (1991)
Hard Parched Land by Trash from Gritt and Butts (1992)
Can’t Make Done by Maxine Funke from Lace (2008)
Radio Brain by Dadamah from 7″ (1992)
Getting Older by Alastair Galbraith from God Save the Clean (1998)

Somewhere on the Coast by Robert Scott from The Creeping Unknown (2000/2014)
Fish in the Sea by Jean-Paul Sartre Experience from The Jean-Paul Sartre Experience (1986)
Bear Hunt by Minisnap with John White from bandcamp (2012)
Trouble in This Town by The Bats from Daddy’s Highway (1987)

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