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Wax! Crackle! Pop! Show #47: B Sides The Point Vol. 4!

Monday, November 24


We here at W!C!P! are all about records. We like all kinds but, there’s something real special about the beloved 7″ or “45”. Back in the day, artists depended on singles to achieve their way to the top of the charts and later on independent artists relied on the 7″ format to sell at shows (inexpensively) to get their music into our hot little hands.

Every 7″ record has an “A” side that usually contains the “hit” or a song the artist obviously wants you to experience first. But sometimes on the “B” side is where things get interesting. Either labeled as “throwaways” or experimental recordings for particular artists, these tracks would sometimes become a hit themselves or be found deep on an album buried between other non hit songs; OR the assigned “B” side track just remained an orphan of sorts, existing solely beneath “A” territory.

Wax! Crackle! Pop! proudly presents a series, every other month (or so), where we exclusively investigate the other side, flipping it all over and that’s B SIDES THE POINT. Vinyl geek, B side enthusiasts John Seden and John Everett are regular guests!

This be the fourth one. Be sure to check out B sides… 1, 2, and 3!



Ex-Lion Tamer by Wire from I Am the Fly 7″ (1978)
I Ain’t Sosfiscticated by Ruts from Jah War 7″ (1979)
Did You No Wrong by Sex Pistols from God Save The Queen 7″ (1977)
Sympathetic Anasethetic by Fire Engines from Big Gold Dream 7″ single (1980)

Wings by The Fall from Kicker Conspiracy 7″ double single (1983)
In-Sight by Dead Kennedys from Kill the Poor 7″ (1980)
I Am A Cliche by X Ray Spex from Bondage Up Yours 7″ (1980)
Your Phone’s Off The Hook (But You’re Not) by X from White Girl 7″ (1980)
I Know Who You Been Socking It To by The Isley Brothers from I Turned You On 45 single (1969)
Ruby Tuesday by Rotary Connection from Soul Man 45 single (1968)

Echo Boogie by Jørgen Ingmann from Apache 45 single (1961)
The House of Bamboo by Andy Williams from 45 single (1958)
Can’t You Hear The Cows by The Turtles from The Story of Rock N Roll 45 single (1968)
Yer Stoned Italian Cowboy by The Go from Invisible Friends 7″ single (2006)
Mr. Soul by Love Battery from Foot 7″ single (1991)
Master Blaster (Dub version) by Stevie Wonder from Master Blaster 45 single (1980)

Ain’t It Just Like A Woman by Geordie from All Because Of You 45 single (1973)
Witches Wand by Luv Machine from Happy Children 45 single (1972)
Nobody Can Tell Us by Pack from 7″ single (1978)
Alligator Man by Knox from Gigolo Aunt 7″ single (1978)
Hoedown at Alice’s by Steve Martin from King Tut 45 single (1978)

Jungle Fever by The Tornadoes from 45 single (1962)
Meninblack (Waiting For ‘Em) by The Stranglers from Who Wants The World 7″ single (1981)
A to Z by Run On from 7″ single (1995)
pARANOID cHANT by Minutemen from Paranoid Time (1980)

Cakewalk of Crime by Jonathan Fire Eater from 7″ single (1995)
E-Y-E by Method Actors from Round World 7″ single (1981)
Child Of Perdition (Crying Hard) by Brimstone Howl from 7″ single (2008)

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