Wax! Crackle! Pop!

Wax! Crackle! Pop! Show #49: Psychedelic Pseasons Greetings

Monday, December 8


During the holiday season, we put up with a lot. Massive crowds, intense commerce pressure, terrible pa rum pum pum pums… We need an escape with different flashes of blinking lights and colors. Let’s go back to the original psychedelic era and dig up some lost chestnuts! Take this brother (and sister), may it serve you well.

* EXTRA FUZZ IS ON ME! (sorry)



You’re Gonna Miss Me* by 13th Floor Elevators from 45 single (1966)
Hard Coming Love by The United States Of America from The United States Of America (1968)
Pow R. Toc. H by The Pink Floyd from Piper At The Gates of Dawn (1967)
…when the course of human events… by The Freak Scene from Psychedelic Psoul (1967)
Magic Mirror by Aphrodite’s Child from Oddities Volume 1 compilation (1969/2002)
Plastic Fantastic Lover by Jefferson Airplane from 45 single (1967)

In My Own Time by The Bee Gees from The Bee Gees 1st (1967)
Garden Of My Mind by The Mickey Finn from 45 single (1967)
I Happen To Love You by The Electric Prunes from Underground (1967)
Lady Blue by Et Cetera from Cherrystone’s Rocks compilation (1971/2002)
The Stars That Play With Laughing Sam’s Dice by Jimi Hendrix Experience from Smash Hits (1968)
The Eagle Flys on Friday by The Exceptions from Oddities Volume 1 compilation (1969/2002)
Fantasy Sequins/Glass Box/On The Bed by George Harrison from Wonderwall Music (1968)
Ascension To Virginity by Dave Grusin from Candy soundtrack (1968)
Lazy Sunday by Small Faces from Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake (1968)

Cloud Nine by The Temptations from Cloud Nine (1969)
Spaced Cowboy by Sly & The Family Stone from There’s a Riot Going On (1971)
Stoned Cowboy by Fantasy from 45 single (1970)
Hollywood by Michael Nesmith & The First National Band from Magnetic South (1970)
Rubber Room by Porter Wagoner from 45 single (1971)
Pot Party by Bob Summers/Mike Curb from Teenage Rebellion Soundtrack (1967)
What’s The New Mary Jane by The Beatles from Anthology 3 (1968/1996)
Rock An’ Roll The Joint by Twink from Think Pink (1970)

2000 Man by The Rolling Stones from Their Satanic Majesties Request (1967)

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