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Wax! Crackle! Pop! #54: Mystical Shit from the Noo Yawk underground with Dave Rick and Chris Xefos

Monday, January 19


In early 1992, out of left field, from the outer fringes of “alternative rock”, the even further left-field, lo-fi, indie-art-rock New York City band, KING MISSILE, had conquered MTV and the college radio charts with a song called “Detachable Penis.” They were a household name among college students for a brief time and released three albums on the major label, Atlantic Records.

Dave Rick, guitar and bass, and Chris Xefos, “mutli-instrumentalist”, played in King Missile between 1989 and 1994. But, before, during and after that, Dave and Chris have played and recorded with several bands (mostly based in/around NYC) that helped shape the American independent underground including Phantom Tollbooth, When People Were Shorter And Lived Near The Water, Bongwater, Yo La Tengo and many more.

Dave and Chris, our special guests, break out the large family tree tracing their roots back to Long Island, shedding light on their experiences with a “hit single”, and sharing some fun anecdotes that involve other players of the scene: John Seden (Repulse Kava), Kramer (Shimmy-Disc), Ann Magnuson (Bongwater), Robert Pollard (GBV), and more!



Rock N Roll Will Never Die by King Missle from Mystical Shit (1990)
More Paranoia by Phantom Tollbooth, featuring John Seden, from Phantom Tollbooth EP (1986)
Out Of Focus/Gold by Wonderama from 7″ single (1991)
Obscene and Pornographic Art by Bongwater from The Power of Pussy (1990)
Kitchen Sunk by Bob Carol Ted *previously unreleased (2014)

Quando Quando Quando by When People Were Shorter And Lived Near The Water from 7″ single (1992)
I Talk To THe Wind by Shapir-O’Rama from El Mundo de Vapor y Valentina (Old Vienna) (1994)
It’s Not My Fault by Phantom Tollbooth from Daylight In The Quiet Zone (1990)
Cream Puff War by Wonderama from 7″ single (1989)
Love You More by King Missile from Mystical Shit (1990)

Dr. Mom by Ann Magnuson & Dave Rick from Colonel Jeffrey Pumpernickel (2001)
Mascara Snakes by Phantom Tollbooth, featuring Robert Pollard, from Beard of Lightning (2003)
Four Words of Death by Stress Test from The Rocket Thing (2010)
Coercion by Repulse Kava from 7″ single (1987)
It’s by King Missile from John Peel Session *previously unreleased (1992)

Let’s Compromise by Yo La Tengo, featuring Dave Rick, from New Wave Hot Dogs (1987)
Detachable Penis by King Missile from Happy Hour (1992)


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