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Wax! Crackle! Pop! #65: A Touching Display with Wire’s Graham Lewis

Monday, May 25


One of the most important and ground breaking musical & art combos to emerge from the UK punk/new wave scene, WIRE, whom many will agree is one of the forerunners in “post-punk”, return to San Francisco May 29th to perform and support their 2015 album, “Wire”. Between 1977 and 1979, Wire released three albums (Pink Flag, Chairs Missing, 154) that quickly changed the scope of what was to be expected of this “new wave”. Anything was possible.

Founding member Graham Lewis (bassist and vocalist) talks about touring, their long career and processes as W!C!P! dedicates three hours to nearly 40 years of some of the most provoking and unique music that created “post-punk” and challenge the pop format forever.



In The Art of Stopping by Wire from Read And Burn 01 EP (2002)
Pink Flag by Wire from Pink Flag (1977)
Sand In My Joints by Wire from Chairs Missing (1978)
A Touching Display by Wire from 154 (1979)

Burning Bridges by Wire from Wire (2015)
Please Take by Wire from Red Barked Tree (2010)
Time Lock Fog by Wire from Change Becomes Us (2013)
Mekon Headman by Wire from Object 47 (2008)

I Am The Fly by Wire from Peel Sessions (1978/1989)
Feed Me (Live) by Wire from Ahead EP (1987)
Ritual View by Wire from Turns and Strokes (1980/1996)
To Speak by Dome from Will You Speak This Word (1982)

I Hate You by Monks from Black Monk Time (1966)
Lowdown (Live) by Wire from The Roxy London WC2 (1977)
12XU by Minor Threat from Complete Discography (1981/1989)
Mr. Suit by The New Bomb Turks from Destroy-Oh-Boy! (1993)
Outdoor Miner by Lush from For Love EP (1991)
Mannequin by fIREHOSE from Totem Pole Live EP (1993)
Heartbeat by Big Black from 7″ single (1987)

Like This For Ages by Cupol from Like This For Ages (1980)
Ally In Exile by Wire from Document and Eyewitness (1981)
Remove For Improvement by Colin Newman from Not To (1982)
Could You? by He Said from Take Care (1988)
Sleep Walking by Wire from Wire (2015)
12XU by Wire (live) from The Roxy London WC2 (1977)


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