Wax! Crackle! Pop!

Wax! Crackle! Pop! #80: Seven Inches of Angst!

Monday, October 19


Where my Gen X’ers at!? Rocktober continues here in full effect as DJ Jim G sheds light on a nearly forgotten corner of his record collection, 7″ EP’s and singles from underground noise rock, grunge and “budget rock” bands (mostly ca. 1990-1995). A dent was barely made this time around, but the early 90’s are alive and well here. Deeper excavating to continue…



Salad Days by Minor Threat from Salad Days 7″ EP (1985)
Mirrors by Inside Out from 7″ single (1990)
In The Ghetto by S.W.A.T. from The Soundtrack To The New Police State 7″ (1994)
White Boy by White Kaps from Salad Daze 7″ EP (1992)
Little Debbie by Surgery from 7″ single (1992)

“30/60″ by Holy Cow from 7″ single (1992)
State Of Grace by Mr. Wrong from Fights The System 7″ (1994)
Twilight Pink by Phleg Camp from 7″ single (1992)
I Am A Child by Burning Ambitions from Kim 7″ (1992)
Big Beat Jesus Cheat by Pink Kross from 7″ EP (1994)
Cops by The Lepers from Coitus Interruptus 7″ (1979)

Sweet Talker by Bedlam Rovers with Gary Floyd from Danny Boy 7″ (1991)
Zapatos by Bottle from 7″ single (1995)
Piggy by Crispy Nuts from Life 7″ (1997)
Shove by L7 from 7″ single (1990)
Fight by The Derelicts from Don’t Wanna Live double 7″ (1991)
You Stupid Asshole by Mudhoney from split 7″ with Gas Huffer (1992)
Sacrifice by Melvins from Lysol (1992)
Broken Nose by Strangulated Beatoffs from Lick My Butthole 7″ (1990)

Are You A Boy (Or Are You A Girl)? by The Countbackwurds from Rip It Up 7″ (1995)
She Devil On Wheels by The Demonics from 7″ single (2000)
Kansas City Milkman by The Honeymoon Killers from 7″ single (1991)
Black Throat by Boss Hog from Action Box double 7″ (1991)
Stronger Than Dirt by The Mummies from 7″ single (1992)
Out Of Sight by Teengenerate from 7″ single (1995)

Chemistry by Red Krayola from 7″ single (1996)
Twilight by Fields Of Gaffney from 7” single (2000)

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