Wax! Crackle! Pop!

Wax! Crackle! Pop! #82: It’s Schaufensterpuppen, Dummy

Wednesday, November 4


November kicks off with a mix of solid tunes that Jim G hopes serves you well. We got our first real rain in San Francisco in months and all the mortals by the bay couldn’t be happier. Bracing for El Niño now as the first Autumn storm provides the best vibe for some of our favorite artists.



RockWrok by Ultravox from Ha! Ha! Ha! (1977)
Your Hidden Dreams by White Noise from An Electric Storm (1969)
Always Crashing The Same Car by David Bowie from Low (1977)
Schaufensterpuppen (Showroom Dummies) by Kraftwerk from Trans Europa Express (1977)
The Paw Paw Negro Blowtorch by Eno with The Winkies from BBC Session 2/19/74, Floating In Sequence (198?)

Ballad Of The New Things by The Instant Automations from Not So Deep As A Well (1980)
Revolt Into Style by Bill Nelson’s Red Noise from 45 single (1979)
In The Air by Maximum Joy from 7″ single (1982)
It’s Obvious by Au Pairs from Playing With A Different Sex (1981)
Love Like Anthrax by Gang of Four from Fast Product Compilation (1979)

Either You Or Me by Jorma Bare & Movie Bare from Lollipop Gold (2011)
Winterthern by O-Type from Darling (1988)
Archangels Thunderbird by Amon Düül II from Live In London (1974)
The Last Time by The Andrew Oldham Orchestra from The Rolling Stones Songbook (1965)
Jacaranda by Luiz Bonfá from Jacaranda (1973)
I’ve Got Mine by Mike Cooper from Trout Steel (1970)

Impossible Love by Sarah Bethe Nelson from Fast Moving Clouds (2015)
Till Today by The Rose Garden from The Rose Garden (1968)
Till The Day After by Merry-Go-Round from Best of Merry Go Round (1967/1985)
(Tell me) Have You Ever Seen Me by Small Faces from There Are But Four Small Faces (1967)

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