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Wax! Crackle! Pop! #83: Scene & Scored Take 2! Soundtracks with Dave Pehling

Monday, November 9


San Francisco based DJ/photographer/writer/RAWK disciple Dave Pehling joins DJ Jim G for our second installment of Scene and Scored! Two hours of dedication toward classic and obscure film and TV soundtracks. We, more or less, pick up on where we last left it: YOU lying on the ground, breathing heavy, asking for more. We aim to please, dear listener. Enjoy!



Hello There by Cheap Trick from Over the Edge Original Soundtrack or OST (1979)
Jesus Came Driving Along by The Leather Nun from Dudes OST (1987)
The Liquidator by Shirley Bassey & Lalo Schifrin from The Liquidator OST (1965)
Main Title by Henry Mancini from Touch Of Evil OST (1958)
The Slum Creeper by Quincy Jones from The Lost Man OST (1969)
Metamorfose Amblante by Raul Seixas from City Of God OST (2002)

Me And My Rhythm Box by Anatole Gerasmov and Helena Zvereva, featuring Paula E. Sheppard from Liquid Sky OST (1983)
What Do You Know About Music, You’re Not A Lawyer by John Lurie from Down By Law OST (1984)
Diary Of A Taxi Driver by Bernard Hermann with Robert DeNiro from Taxi Driver OST (1976)
Hallucinations by Roy Budd from Get Carter OST (1970/1998)
Kungfusion by Charles Earland from Brothers Dynamite OST (1973)
Making It (excerpt) by Peter Boyle and Mary Case from Joe Speaks (1970)
Fritz The Cat by Ed Bogas And Ray Shanklin from Fritz The Cat OST (1972)
Mamblues by Cal Tjader from Fritz The Cat OST (1972)
Coffy Is The Color by Roy Ayers from Coffy OST (1973)
Theme From Police Woman by Birchwood Pops Orchestra from TV Hits Vol II (1977)

Way Out There by Carter Burwell from Raising Arizona OST (1987)
The Duke Arrives/Barricade by John Carpenter & Alan Howarth from Escape From New York OST (1981)
Intro/Main Title by Fred Myrow and Malcolm Seagrave from Phantasm OST (1979)
Executive Party by Andre Previn from Rollerball OST (1975)
Theme From Space: 1999 by Barry Gray from Space: 1999 OST (1976)
Dr. Goldfoot and The Girl Bombs by The Mad Doctors from Dr. Goldfoot and The Girl Bombs OST (1966)
Stone Is A Trip by Billy Green from Stone Take The Trip 7″ EP (1974/2010)
Green Hornet’s Theme by Al (He’s The King) Hirt from The Horn Meets The Hornet (1966)
Brother (Title) by Adam Wade & Johnny Pate from Brother On The Run OST (1973)

Our Mother Is Alive by Stewart Copeland from Rumble Fish OST (1983)
Clydie King Adlibs Rehearsal (The Long Goodbye) by John Williams & Clydie King from The Long Goodbye OST (1973/2012)


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