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Wax! Crackle! Pop! #85: Leon Russell vs. Mission Of Burma or Celluloid Dreams with Harrod Blank and Roger Miller

Monday, November 30

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Folks, DJ Jim G is doing things a little differently for this episode. The show is split into two for TWO AMAZING GUESTS: Filmmaker Harrod Blank and post-punk guitar legend Roger Miller!

For the first half, Harrod Blank discusses his recent travels and trials with legendary musician Leon Russell and the film, A POEM IS A NAKED PERSON, made by Harrod’s father, the late, great Les Blank. “POEM” was completed more than 40 years ago and then went unreleased due to conflicts over its creative license between Russell and Blank. Just before Les passed away in 2013, he had asked Harrod to find a way in resurrecting the film and reconnecting with Leon. Les’ wish had been fulfilled and a lost classic film is on the screen for the first time to rave reviews around the world. A POEM IS A NAKED PERSON screens on December 5 & 6 at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA)

Roger Miller joins us in the second half discussing his musical prowess for nearly five decades. Best known as the groundbreaking guitarist and one of three lead singers in Mission Of Burma, Roger is also the keyboard player in Alloy Orchestra, a unique ensemble that performs its own accompaniments to silent films of the classic movie era. Alloy Orchestra has developed an extensive repertoire of music and sounds. Along with Miller’s keyboards, percussionists Terry Donahue and Ken Winokur use an array of found objects and electronics as well as traditional percussion instruments. Alloy Orchestra will be performing live at the Castro Theatre, December 5, for TWO different films as part of the San Francisco Silent Film Festival’s Day Of Silents. We also get deep with several other Roger Miller projects, both past & present, so tune in!



Roll Away The Stone by Leon Russell from Leon Russell (1970)
Sea Cruise by Frankie Ford from Let’s Take A Sea Cruise (1959)
Get Off My Toe by Lightnin’ Hopkins from Autobiography In Blues (1960)

Interview with Harrod Blank

Tight Rope by Leon Russell from Carney (1972)
Delta Lady by Joe Cocker from Mad Dogs and Englishmen (1970)

Interview with Harrod Blank

Come On Into My Kitchen by Leon Russell from Homewood Sessions (1971)
Girl From The North Country by Joe Cocker & Leon Russell from Mad Dogs and Englishmen (1970)

Interview with Harrod Blank

Meet De Boys On The Battlefront by Wild Tchoupitoulas featuring the Neville Brothers from the film, “Always For Pleasure” (1978)
A Trip To The Moon (excerpt) by Alloy Orchestra from 1902 film, “A Trip To The Moon” (2011)

Tremelo/Peking Spring by Mission Of Burma from The Horrible Truth About Burma (1985)
Max Ernst’s Dream by Mission Of Burma from ONoffON (2002)
Man With A Movie Camera (excerpt) by Alloy Orchestra from 1929 film, “Man With A Movie Camera” (2014)

Interview with Roger Miller

Einstein’s Day by Mission Of Burma from Vs. (1982)
Film Studie by Alloy Orchestra from 1926 film, “Film Studie” (2011)

Interview with Roger Miller

Desert Oasis (scene) by Alloy Orchestra from 1926 film, “Son Of The Sheik” (2014)

Interview with Roger Miller

In The Sun by Sproton Layer from With Magnetic Fields Disrupted (1970/2011)
Lucifer Sam by Trinary System – Live at 13th Floor Lounge, Western MA (2015)

Interview with Roger Miller

All World Cowboy Romance by Mission Of Burma from Signals, Calls, and Marches (1981)
The Epicenter by Binary System from From The Epicenter (1999)

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