Chatroom History
December 31, 2015 12:00am - 12:30am

nexus_6: good night Mrs. and all the other hooligans (12:00am)
Mrs.: PE (12:00am)
Mrs.: yah (12:00am)
Mrs.: tootlies (12:01am)
Mrs.: hi pe (12:11am)
Mrs.: don't take the call (12:11am)
fropchopula: what is this rice crispies? (12:21am)
fropchopula: WHO BROKE THE GDMN CABLE (12:21am)
fropchopula: BOOPER... WTF? (12:23am)
fropchopula: weeee (12:24am)
fropchopula: hiya boop (12:25am)
fropchopula: at least someones listening (12:26am)
fropchopula: when time like obama.. dont change shit (12:26am)
fropchopula: \m/ (12:27am)
fropchopula: line line line line... this already haopened (12:28am)
Mrs.: bewareofinvasions (12:28am)
fropchopula: hiya miss (12:28am)
fropchopula: do u get a boop when i boop at booper? (12:29am)
fropchopula: sream (12:29am)