Chatroom History
April 8, 2016 4:00pm - 4:31pm

capac: stimulus (4:00pm)
hamp: Sonic stimulation (4:06pm)
capac: True (4:09pm)
capac: Wow I love that tune. (4:14pm)
hamp: like an old tv show theme (4:15pm)
capac: Hey Hamp, How would we know about old tv shows? We're not that old. (4:16pm)
hamp: maybe the 70s (4:17pm)
capac: yes I am. (4:19pm)
hamp: As am I. (4:20pm)
capac: Like fine wine, getting better with age. (4:25pm)
hamp: So does cheese. (4:29pm)
capac: Limburger, triscuit, and a wedge of onion. MMMMM (4:31pm)