Chatroom History
November 9, 2017 12:00pm - 12:30pm

DJ MEOW: Meow!! (12:00pm)
Dial: Rawrr! Happy Thursday. (12:02pm)
DJ MEOW: YAAA! Dial a Shot!! (12:06pm)
Dial: You got me dancing. Nice! (12:10pm)
DJ MEOW: Sweet!! (12:11pm)
DrPantz: There we go. (12:15pm)
DrPantz: Stream didn't want to take. (12:15pm)
DJ MEOW: Bummer!! (12:15pm)
DrPantz: Never give up, that's my motto. (12:15pm)
DJ MEOW: Awesome! (12:15pm)
DrPantz: How are we doing today my friends? =] (12:15pm)
DJ MEOW: Still a bit coughing etc (12:16pm)
DrPantz: That's a real drag! (12:16pm)
DrPantz: Are you sick of Halls yet? (12:16pm)
DJ MEOW: I'm onto Vicks (12:16pm)
Dial: Hey Doc! Things are good here. Clear sunny brisk day! Perfect do being inside and listening to Meow! (12:17pm)
DrPantz: Vicks VaporRub for the win!!! (12:18pm)
Dial: Music inside, viewing the world through the window. How about you? (12:18pm)
DJ MEOW: It's a brisk, beautiful day here in the Bay! (12:21pm)
Dial: Sounds awesome. Miss those days there. Quite the nip of winter already in the air here. (12:22pm)
Dial: And you, Doc? (12:23pm)